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Professional Eyelash Extension Supplies for Lash Artists

Want to get your eyelash extension supplies almost immediately after placing your order? Tired of your eyelash extension provider being constantly out of stock on your must-have tools? StacyLash can deliver professional eyelash extension supplies when you really need them. The key mission of our company is to provide our customers with the required tools and deliver them as fast as possible.

Additional Lash Extension Accessories

The best way to encourage returning clients and increase the clientele base is to use professional tools. When you choose high-quality lash extension tools, you can rest assured that your customers will be satisfied with the result. However, besides the basic items like extensions, tweezers or glues, there are also additional extension accessories every lash artist needs to have. So, what are they?


  • Microfiber brushes and palette sponges. They are necessary throughout the whole procedure to make it cleaner and more professional. The brushes and sponges will make the application softer as an angel’s wings. Plus, these two materials can make the whole work easier.
  • Adhesive holders will help you make the process faster. The holders provide additional handling during the application.
  • Gel eye pads. Decide for yourself whether you need them or not, but the pads can help your customers feel more comfortable during the lash extension procedure.
  • A tweezer travel case. Its main purpose is to be able to take all your tools with you wherever you go. It’s easier to put everything in one and carry them with you. The choice of cases is huge today so you can choose the best option for yourself. Most of them have an inner flap to protect all your brush heads and tweezer tips.
  • Airflow fan. This tool creates an additional airflow and pushes adhesive fumes away from you and your customer. Another provision that you need on your hands which comes in literal “handy”.
  • Lash shampoo. Its primary aim is to remove makeup from eyelash extensions. It would be pretty difficult to take off all of those little ones without distracting your client. The formula is free from paraben, betaine or any other toxic ingredients.

Keep in mind that your reputation depends not only on your experience in the niche but also on the tools you use. So, if you don’t want to lose your customers, don’t go the cheap road. Never put your reputation at risk; buy professional tools at Stacy Lash!

Things to consider while buying hanging strips

For every homeowner, it is essential to keep their home well maintained and good looking to get high satisfaction and it also increases the value of their home. Lots of things you need fororganizing and manage belongings and pictures of your home and picture hanging strips is one of the most essential things for every homeowner because it helps in hanging pictures in a well effective manner.

Pictures hold lots of memories and almost all people want to hang these memories in their home to remind their old and happy times with their family and friends. To provide great support to the pictures, it is beneficial for you to use a high quality picture hanging strip. Nowadays, you can easily found lots of stores that assure to provide high quality hanging strips but it is essential for you to find one best trustedstore among them to make your purchase.

If you want to get more comfort while your purchase then it is also beneficial for you to choose to go online so that you can buy best hanging strips at the comfort of your home. In these days, you can easily see different types of hanging strips in the online stores and sites but you need to buy the best that suits well with your needs and requirements.

Here are some of the things that you need to consider while buying picture hanging strips:

paper towel bulk

The weight that a hanging strip can bear

It is essential for you to choose the right product so that you can save you can your belongings from any damage and issues. You can easily find a variety of picture hanging strip in the market but it is essential for you to find the right one for you that fits well with your needs. So, make sure to check the weight capacity of the strips so that it can handle the weight of the picture that you are going to hang on it.


Price of the product is one most essential thing considered by people and you need to find one best product that fit well within your budget and comes in high quality material so that you will be able to fulfill your needs.

It is beneficial for you to buy best hanging strips that support every kind of surfaces such as a painted wall, mat finish, plain walls and many more in the most effective manner. people can also use the picture hanging strips on the laminated surface that help you to enhance the look and beauty of your house without having any damage or issues. The professionals on online sites can also provide you the best possible and solutions if you have any kind of query in your mind. So, with the help of the picture hanging strips, it becomes easy for you to decorate your walls with lots of good pictures and make your home look stunning.

Top Nail Painting Tips That Really Work This 2019

For most people, nail art polish is as mystifying as artwork. However, there is solid science behind every brush stroke and every execution of nail art design. There are techniques that need to be mastered and learned. The good thing is that anyone can learn how to be good at it. At its core, nail polish art is really just small scale painting, where most of the work goes into preparing the surface to be painted. How the nails are prepared prior to painting will dictate the results of the nail polishing job. Depending on how the nails are prepped, it could spell disaster or success. Below are some of the most practical and common sense tips to apply to your nail polishing habits.

Not All Nail Polish Are Created Equal

Nail Polish has cheap and knock-off versions as well, due to their popularity. Make sure you are only buying the best quality nail polish available such as Esmaltes semipermanentes to ensure only the best results are delivered when you use them. You may end up spending more by buying cheap polish as the cheaper they get, you could end up reapplying them after just hours on your nails. Constant re-application will not only cost you money but may pose a health risk as well, possibly dehydrating your cuticles and damaging them.

Esmaltes semipermanentes

Do Not Cut Your Cuticles

Instead of cutting your cuticles, just gently push them up for that perfect rounded shape. Although one of the most common in a nail polisher’s arsenal of tools, the clipper should only be used for cutting overhanging nails and not the cuticle itself. This thin delicate skin along the top of your nails serves an important purpose, and that is to protect you from infection. Remove that and you will be more prone to picking up any unwanted germ that may infect your fingernails. That is just like opening up your front door and letting fungus and bacteria in. Of course, you must not let that happen – leave your cuticles alone! 

Always Use A Proper Base Coat

Another pro tip is to use a proper base coat for before laying on the color. Never use the top coat as the base paint for the nails as it doesn’t have the additives that make nail color stick more to the nail surface. It also acts as a barrier between your nails and the nail polish itself which has an elevated chance of staining your fingernails with color. The proper base coat will eliminate this possibility.

The “DIP”

Dip your recently done fingernails into cold water for a few seconds will help them dry faster, saving you the time and also eliminating the risk of you damaging them while drying them out.

To Conclude

These are just a few of the practical tips you can do to keep those nails well polished and look professionally done all the time.

Discount Beauty Products Online Australia: Approaching to a variety of brands online

Beauty products are every woman’s essential part of their lifestyle. From creams to blushes and, there are so much that is part of that quintessential look of a woman. Coming up with lots of strategies, the online beauty market has rather thrived and solidified itself to a more solid foundation. Most women now days shop most of their beauty products online. It is solely because of the greater variety and discounts available that one can see through the advantages of online shopping. There are even trusted websites operating online and one can look up to any one of them to get the best discount beauty products online Australia.

What are the major advantages of shopping beauty products online?

Websites trying to sell beauty products are very much aware of the needs of the customers. Likely to that, the trendsetters come to the forefront as well. When one logs in to shop some of the products, the best ones pop up owing to a different marketing strategy. But owing to the transparency and the versatility that is offered by the websites, one can evenly shop a lot by seeing all the specifications of the products. There is even additional information provided as well. This makes the customers aware of what they are purchasing and makes them more conscious as buyers.

Beauty products online Australia

Additional discounts can also prevail and vouchers can be used as well to shop. Even there are certain promotion codes available that can be used wisely by shoppers for a larger pack of beauty products. This reduces the price at least by certain amounts and makes it easier on part of the customer to save up some money as well.

Purchasing budgeted products online:

The greatest benefit of purchasing beauty products online is that one can filter their range of beauty products according to the price. This makes it easier to look for products that are not just good for the skin but at the same time available within a good budget. Additionally, a good website has several categories that mark a difference between organic products, paraben free products, etc. This helps customers to make a wiser choice of what they are purchasing and also gives highlights specific ways to take a good step towards their beauty regime. Thus, one can surely get hold of some of the most reliable beauty products online.

Exploring Custom Made Shirts for Women

Fashion is also an art, a contagious thing, with best practice; it is possible to express emotion. Best fashion is an understanding between your body and color, nature of apparels and reflecting what you have on your mind. How we dress and how we carry ourselves reflects who we are and what are we up to. This is why fashion expert’s advice us to stick with the best options in fashion.  “Fashion is part of the daily air and it changes all the time, with all the events. You can even see the approaching of a revolution in clothes. You can see and feel everything in clothes” says Diana Vreeland. When it comes to fashion, women are blessed; zillions of options and brands help them express what they feel. Amongst the plethora options on outfits, shirts are what women fell more comfortable to wear. This article explores dress shirts for women and the choices they have while sticking with shirts.

Shirts for Women:

Best fashion is about achieving convenience in what we wear. In such a case, shirts are convenient, simple and classy which is why a lot of women fell in love with it again and again.  Seems women never get tired of wearing shirts. It matches with skirts, pants; actually, they are multi-functional. One shirt, you can just mix match with whatever options that suits it. This is the best option to achieve good outlook on budget. If you are tired of wearing standard shirts on markets, it is time to explore custom made shirts. Since body type is entirely different for everyone, custom made shirts are smartly tailored and unrevealing dress.

Greater Fittings:

Greater fittings let you show off your body on the flattering way. People who are moving towards custom made clothing can achieve this goal. A situation of wearing extreme tightness or looseness is highly eradicated which in turn brings down the things that reduce your confidence.

In other words, you can breathe easily, stretch your hands without any inconvenience and on the same way you look best ever.

Choose Materials with Higher Caliber:

Not only the design but also by deciding the higher caliber clothes, you can use them for more days. It nearly creates a heartbreak when the favourite shirt gets faded or damages. Sticking with materials on higher caliber, it lasts longer than you think.

Rather than choosing from a rack of clothes, you are about to achieve something made specially made for you. Custom made shirts are just your own ideas and your designer’s insights in the field, combine together you can achieve something great for yourselves.

When it comes to custom made shirts, sticking with the tailor who is well trained and has a deeper knowledge of fashion is more important. To fish out such tailors, you can use assistance from the internet. Scrutinizing over online, it is possible to understand caliber of the tailor. Once you reach the well-suited designer for your needs, achieving the best of outlook is just a few steps away from you.

Come to us when you want to buy unique tops which are trendy!

What could the statement, “Come to us when you want to buy unique tops which are trendy!” possibly mean? It is in reference to Swish Fashion, an online boutique which sells trendy, fashionable, and affordable clothing to plus size women. Women from all over the world find that they can easily buy plus size tops in Australia at Swish Fashion’s online boutique store! More about this is explained below!

What makes Swish Fashion’s plus size tops so special?

“There are many online boutique stores in the world which sell plus size tops to more buxom women, what makes Swish Fashion’s tops so unique and special?” Many women have asked themselves this question before they carefully explored Swish Fashion’s website and analyzed the information found on it carefully. The reason why Swish Fashion is the store for plus size women who want to buy tops is because the boutique store was founded by a plus size woman (Anita Carmody) who was on a quest to provide plus size women with clothing that was affordable, stylish, trendy, and made out of the best quality materials currently available! It is for this reason that plus size women love Swish Fashion’s tops – they find these tops accentuate their natural curves, and that their body fitting design plus-sized actually makes them look much slimmer, and sometimes even skinnier. In a global society which increasingly equates beauty, especially in women, with fit and skinny bodies, this is a real benefit for these women!

More about these tops

Anita Carmody realized that clothes are more than just items which cover a woman’s body, they define the woman. This is especially true of plus sized women. These women are constantly in search of affordable clothing which makes them look and feel special both inside and out. What’s more is that the tops are designed with the best in terms of stitching so that they are durable and do not fall apart, tear, or have missing buttons after a few washes in the washing machine! Carmody also shows off her patriotic colors by ensuring that the tops are at least 90% Australian in origin and manufacture. Australian plus-sized women, especially, can wear these tops with pride and confidence, knowing that they are enhancing their natural beauty, and helping Australia’s national economy in the process!

Then there’s the blog!

“So what’s so special about a clothing website which features a blog?” The answer is “everything” because blogs are informative and interactive in nature. Therefore they offer their readers a chance to get to know the company’s team, and the company very well. They also get to learn more about the types of clothing which are best for them. This is valuable for both the company and the customer because the customer feels more emotionally connected with the company and is more likely to buy from it, and the company benefits in terms of a strong customer base and revenue streams!

The next step is to…

Now that plus size women know more about Swish Fashion, its unique and stylish clothing line, and how that can benefit them, the next step is to buy tops online!

Frequently Asked Questions About Sports Eye wear

If you have an active lifestyle, it is important that you protect your eyes from any condition through sunglasses. Whether you want rudy project sunglasses or typical glasses, your goal here is to find a comfortable fit and suitable tint. This is easier said than done. The world of sunglasses is overwhelming that sometimes you will get confused.

To get rid of confusions and doubts, here are the answers to frequently asked questions about sports eyewear:

What is best for your favorite sport?

When you check eyeglasses online for sports eyewear, you will come across different protection levels. Here are the different protection levels you should know about:

  • Category 0: the light absorption is anywhere from 0 to 20%. This is ideal for protection against wind or insect.
  • Category 1: the light absorption is anywhere from 20 to 57%. This is ideal for some sunshine and cloudy skies.
  • Category 2: the light absorption is anywhere from 57 to 82%. This is ideal during summer or for normal sunlight.
  • Category 3: the light absorption is anywhere from 82 to 92%. This is ideal if you spend time at the beach or mountain. This is also best for winter sports.
  • Category 4: the light absorption is anywhere from 92 to 97%. This is ideal if you are in the desert or water. This is also suitable for light conditions, especially on a glacier. However, this is not best for driving.

Buy prescription glasses online

What is crucial when choosing lenses and frames for your sports eyewear?

You must know that the crucial thing to consider when choosing lens and frames is material. Keep in mind that injuries during play can cause severe eye injury but with sports eyewear, it can reduce the infliction.

Although the type of sports will determine the best eyewear for you, the principle is the same – you should look for durable, lightweight and comfortable-fit eyeglasses. Remember to ensure that the glasses are close enough to your eyes so no stray light can get through. Finally, the eyelashes should not touch the lenses.

How about the available tint?

You should understand that tints reduce the intensity of the light that hits the eye. Color sensitivity varies from one person to another and each will perceive the tint differently. With this, you have to choose the right tint. Whatever tint you choose, you should make sure that it is not too dark. The color and intensity should fit the sport.

What are the coatings?

In the case of sports eyewear, they tend to be more exposed to damage because it undergoes a lot more wear and tear compared to corrective eyeglasses. Since sports eyewear is subjected to different conditions, it is crucial that you check the material and coating.

Speaking of coating, it is an important add on.  Coatings will protect the lenses against scratches. Ideally, you should consider a hard coating, which will not only protect the lens but also effectively repel water and dirt. Although it costs money, do not compromise the state of your eyes.

Final words

Now you will be wiser when it comes to picking the right sports eyewear. If you require any special eyewear, it is crucial that you find the right optical shop to do the job. In the end, you should not underestimate the power of sports eyewear.

Four simple ways to know if the jewelry piece is of good-quality or not

With a lot of options available, it can be very difficult to know if you are buying the best quality jewelry out there which is why it is very important for you to know the best tips to make sure that you only buy the best-quality jewelry pieces out there that gives value for your money.

Everybody knows that pieces of jewelry are very exquisite, it gives an added finesse, glamour, and elitist feel every time you fancy it in events, and occasions, but not everything that glitters is the best quality out there. There are tons of local and luxury jewellery shop online which are pretty hard to put your trust on and it is also difficult to create a good assessment if whether or not they are selling authentic and good-quality jewelry products considering that these fashionable items are worth huge amounts of money and it is also considered an investment for some.

luxury jewellery shop online

To help you out in determining if the jewelry shop sells good-quality jewelry pieces, read this article about the best tips to ensure that you are buying legitimate and the real deal bling-bling.

  1. Inspect the price of their most expensive jewelry pieces- Usually, well-known jewelers confidently divulge to the public the very expensive price tag of a jewelry piece to make sure that it can be turned into an instant ornament to identify a person’s status symbol. Also, these prices are regulated and follow strict standards in the jewelry making industry. Make sure that you compare prices from different jewelers because each price differs from one another. For example, the higher the karat of a gold necklace is, the more expensive it will be.
  2. Talk closely to the jeweler- Usually, jewelers will surely market their products with great enthusiasm which is why it is not hard to talk to a jeweler especially if you have a serious intent to purchase one of their jewelry pieces. However, when it comes to talking, please do not do it via a phone, or via an email, but rather, go visit the jewelry shop and talk to them personally so that you can get the best details of their jewelry pieces. In this way, you can determine the quality of their jewelry pieces and determine if it is the best or not.
  3. Check for grade specifications or hallmarks- Real jewelry has its own hallmarks to distinguish if it is genuine or not, however, this does not guarantee you if it is of great-quality or not. Hallmarks are usually engraved and detailed discreetly in certain parts of the jewelry and these are extremely little to read which requires a magnifying glass.
  4. Physically check the jewelry- One of the best ways to determine if the jewelry is of great quality or not is to physically check it thoroughly. Just simply use a magnet because real jewelry pieces such as silver and gold are not magnetic. If it does not stick to the magnet, then it is real, but that does not tell if it is high-grade or not. Make sure that you learn how to intricately check if the jewelry is made with good quality.
Why Men’s and Women’s Skin Care Products Should Be Different

The ingredients on men’s skin care products can’t be the same as those in women’s care products. Of course, it is not obviously logical for them to be different as our skins are almost the same. However, there are so many features in men’s skins that are not common in women’s skins hence the first core reason for the divergence. If you have been buying skin care products but you happen not to understand why there is a difference between men’s body care products and women’s, here is everything you need to understand.

Men’s Skins are Thicker

Men’s skins are way thicker and stronger than women’s skin. That’s true since men’s testosterone is known to be up to 25% thicker than women’s. Also, men’s have more sebaceous glands meaning their skins generate more oil. Their follicles are as well bigger and larger in number. Based on this significant divergence in men’s skins to women’s, skin care products cannot be the same. Obviously, men’s skin care products ought to be packaged with stronger and more powerful ingredients to guarantee results.

Men’s Skins are more Robust

Men’s skins are more robust when compared to women’s.  The robust nature of men’s skins makes them able to withstand products that have hypothetically irritating active ingredients like Vitamin A. While all the products work almost the same and include almost the same active ingredients such as SPF and antioxidant, men’s body care products include stronger and way better ingredients.

Men's body care products

Women’s Skin has Higher Chances of Contacting melasma

Women skins have higher chances of contacting hormone-related irregular pigmentation conditions such as melasma. That’s why female skincare products are packed with more skin lightening ingredients as compared to those made for men.  You wouldn’t expect men’s skin care products to have the same healing and lightening capabilities as women’s products.

Men’s Aren’t Always Devoted

Not many men devote to caring for their skins. More often than not most men will abandon their skin care routines before they even realize their desired results.  That’s one of the reasons men’s skin care products are packed with way stronger and more powerful ingredients to guarantee quick and efficient healing.


When in the hunt for high-quality skin care products, you have to know what products will work well for your body. You wouldn’t want to buy skin care products you wouldn’t enjoy using. So, take your time to browse through the many different products on offer and make sure you compare them properly to choose the best ones. You have to browse through well-known online sellers for skin care products like have a look at the many different products they have in the offer and choose the products that work best for you. Don’t be too harsh on your skin to settle for any product you come across if you will not want to regret later. Consider talking with experts to know the products they recommend to you depending on your special skin requirements and needs.  The internet is full of useful information that you can rely on to make your purchase decision.

Hair Care Tips With Luxury Services

There are several services that provide luxury hair spa in Singapore and if you are looking for those products that are considered with the higher quality than the rest of the other brands, it is important to consider the best luxury services that you can present yourself. This article will discuss luxury hair care tips and guidelines that you should follow.

For you 

This informative article may discuss a number of the most crucial nutrients for hair and nail care, associated with analyzing and predicated on experts. People will be known how certain nutrients like protein should really be part of the diet since it’s necessary for growth may they be hair, nail, epidermis or muscles. Your personal hair and your nails are obviously made from protein and the human body procedures that nutrient to help keep your cells always wellness and also help and support in the replenishment of your own hair and nails from time for you yourself to time. Various persons are apt to have different development of hair and nails. Those who have brittle nails and hair may require more protein on the diet.

Know that your own hair is the crowning eminence and that’s among the principal issues that individuals might find when they’re winding up in you out from the blue. Persons spend energy cutting and cutting their locks, exactly the same volume of while they spend time looking at what’s the greater hair which could match them. One of the services that you may take a look at are these establishments that offer luxury hair spa in Singapore.

Hair Care Tips With Luxury Services

Seeking for the best services

Professionals on hair and nails in the region can help you have the most effective looks and appearances since they are educated enough concerning this matter. Nobody needs loss hair and besides genetics, diet and nutrition are show play a sizable role because it relates to hair loss and nail problems. These specialists on hair and nails in the region feel that you have to make use of the proper items for your own hair to manage to guide you through which makes it develop right. It surely is dependent upon the sort of hair that you have, and whether you have the curly or right hair, you will discover items which may be most readily useful suited to you. Cleaning your own hair while moist is just a common training but many specialists say not to do this because it tends to separate your lives your hair. Use a wide-toothed brush to manage to arrange your own hair when wet. Some also believe that cleaning your own hair daily may possibly not be the most effective solution but that usually will depend on your location’s weather. Those surviving in the temperate parts may opt to wash their hair not daily but those in the tropics where the temperature might be warmer and moister could need to do the cleaning every day.

For hair, dandruff is the absolute most exceptionally terrible foe and for nails, it should be clean. You are able to just utilize objects publicized to complete bravo but recall they’re hovering toward synthetics which are produced in the control crops and you’re uncertain about their organization.

Performing study about the very best objects for hair and scalp care will allow you to calculate your possibilities and establish the very best wellbeing objects which could furnish you with the very best chosen standpoint. You have the ability to understand and know you will be open to ever furnish your self with the very best care.

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