4 cool looks with T-shirts

4 cool looks with T-shirts

T-shirts are basic and staple in men’s wardrobe. There is no other dress as underrated as a t-shirt. A t-shirt is considered a careless look and is supposed to be for the people who do not have a fashion sense. But that is not true. When styled right, an ordinary T-shirt could become your next runway look.

Let us learn in this article how to style your T-shirts into couture. Before that, let us find out how to choose a fine quality t-shirt. T-shirts are usually considered comfort clothing; therefore, they must be made of soft and organic fabric. An extra-long-staple (els) cotton t-shirt is the ideal fabric choice. They are ultra-soft and skin-friendly. If you live in a hot country or if your summers are nearing, then be quick to buy mens els t-shirts onilne.

How To style your T-shirt

Casual Look

All you have to do is throw a t-shirt on and neat pair of trousers, you can choose the trousers based on the occasion like if you are lounging, you can opt for sweatpants, if you are aiming for a morning look, then jeans or a plaited pant would be perfect. If you are hitting the gym, go for the joggers or the tights with your t-shirts. Also, if you are looking for a gym outfit, buy moisture management t-shirts. Isn’t it versatile?

The Boy next door Look

If you are going to college, add an open-buttoned shirt to your t-shirt, and you can create a relaxed yet mellow look for school. You can also use your t-shirt as a base layer and wear an oversized sweater over the t-shirt to get your winter look right. Long-sleeved t-shirts are suitable for these styles.

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Dapper Look

Want a formal dashing look to impress? Throw on a leather jacket or a blazer. Complete your look with gelled hair, stunning coolers, and a pair of formal shoes. Here it is essential to keep the t-shirt plain and crease-free. A turtle neck t-shirt works best in this look. This look is a hybrid between formal and casual.

Summer look

The t-shirt and open shirt paired with shorts are your perfect look for that beach vacation or party. When paired with the right colors, this look is one of the most incredible with a bright-colored cooler.


Whether college, school, vacation, party, or an important meeting, a t-shirt can be styled in any way for any occasion. But the quality of the t-shirt is essential. Since it is the base layer, it should be good for the skin.

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