5 Fabulous Jewellery & Accessories For Kids Ethnic Wear

5 Fabulous Jewellery & Accessories For Kids Ethnic Wear

Do kids love to wear jewellery just like their parents? Do all kinds of jewellery materials suit a kid’s skin?

Well, in today’s blog, we would take a shimmering approach to help you understand that yes, kids also like adults, love and want jewellery. The desiring designs could be different in the case of the kid’s jewellery collection, but the basic style would be the same. For instance, a stonework necklace would be a little bit heavier for kids but beads may suffice the magic. Just imagine your little princess all dolled up in fancy and trendy jewellery with beautiful ethnic wear for kids. But hold on, is she wearing the right jewellery for the event?

If you are not so sure, you have landed at the right place. Check out 5 fabulous jewellery and accessories for kids ethnic wear and get occasion appropriate jewels for your little Barbie.

Engraved Bracelet

Among many, engraved bracelets come with various ideas from senior minds. You can engrave her or his name, initials, or full name, her or his favourite animal or plant, or just anything. This is a good way to be with your darling every time. Be it kurta pajama for kids or an ethnic gown, this type of jewellery always works.

Beaded Necklace & Bracelets

Beaded jewellery is great in DIY scenarios as well. You and your child can sit together to pull up a funky beaded bracelet or necklace design. You can arrange them as her name or giving a special message like ‘Mommy’s Darling’ or ‘Princess Of Papa’.

Beaded name jewellery has been the fanciest and quite popular topic among kids. And teenagers have been exchanging friendship bands in this way. Apart from just strings, beaded jewellery is available in sterling silver, gold, porcelain, and plastic.

Hoop Earrings

You can choose fancy hoop earrings for your little Barbie in assorted designs. It can be a twisted hoop design, small hoop earrings, beaded hoop earrings, stone attached hoop earrings, etc. Make sure the colour of the stone or bead is matching with her dress. For instance, if it is a white Anarkali kurta pajama for kids, pick up a yellow coloured stone or beaded hoop earrings for her.

Photo Pendant 

Another classic option when your bud is choosing from an ethnic wear for kids’ section is photo jewellery. Using cutting edge technology, the manufacturers and artists produce beautiful pendants with beautiful photographs tossed in. These pendants can be made up of gold, sterling silver and beads. Parent’s picture, grandpa’s and grandma’s pictures, Godmother’s or Godmother’s pictures, pet’s pictures and personalised engravings are quite famous in this category.

Birthstone Jewellery

For both children and adults, there is a gamut of birthstone jewellery is available. From faux jewels to fine jewellery or one with natural stones, many kinds are available in the market and reputed online stores.

Here is a list that you refer to for Birthstone jewellery:

January — Garnet

February — Amethyst

March — Aquamarine

April — Diamond

May — Emerald

June — Pearl

July — Ruby

August — Peridot

September — Sapphire

October — Opal

November — Topaz

December — Turquoise

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