5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Wine

5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Wine

When it comes to choosing the perfect bottle of wine for any occasion, there are many factors to consider. From type and vintage to flavor and price, there’s a lot to think about! To make the process easier, here are five tips for picking the perfect wine. Whether you’re trying out a Wine Subscription or buying from your favorite store, these tips will help you find the perfect bottle every time.

1) Check the alcohol content

Check the alcohol content on wine bottles before purchasing. If you are looking for a lighter wine, it is recommended to find one with less than 12% alcohol. For a heavier red wine, this number should be around 13%. Finally, if you prefer white wines, they generally have an alcohol percentage of 8-11%.

2) Read the label

Make sure you read the label. If the label mentions grape variety, region, and vintage year, then you’re in luck. You’ll be able to identify many of the details from reading just one line of text. If a wine has a varietal name on it, like Pinot Noir, this means that Pinot Noir grapes are used in its production. A lot of wines have geographical indicators on their labels which specify where they come from; these include Napa Valley or Montepulciano. A vintage year indicates when that particular wine was produced.

3) Consider the price

Consider the wine’s price. Generally, the more expensive wines have a higher quality. If you’re buying a bottle of wine that costs less than $10, it will probably be better to buy something else. It is unlikely that these wines are worth buying. The only exception would be if it was a case where you know the vineyard and they usually produce high quality wines at an affordable price. You should also consider if you want to go to taste before you buy because some wines need time to age before they are ready.

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4) Look for awards

Looking for awards on a wine label is a great way to identify wines that are consistently good. Some award-winning wines are not only reliable, but they have their own style. For example, you might see an award from Robert Parker or Jancis Robinson; these awards are often in line with what’s expected from a wine (e.g., smooth and full-bodied) so you can usually trust them as dependable choices. You can also take your pick of trending wines that may be new to the market and worth trying out before everyone else does. Look for wines that have won awards from reputable critics or were served at well-respected restaurants to give yourself some added peace of mind.

5) Ask for recommendations

Asking for a recommendation from a store employee is an excellent way to start. It’s their job to know what wines are available and what tastes best. They can also make sure you are buying a wine that will pair well with your meal. For those who do not want to ask for recommendations, this should be on your list of things to do before you leave: take a look at the winery’s website. A good wine company will have detailed information about its products, including tasting notes and flavor profiles which may help in making your decision. If they don’t have a website, or if it doesn’t have any relevant information, you may want to move on to another option. The last thing you want is ending up with something that you didn’t enjoy because you weren’t aware of all the options available!

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