5 Tips to a Luxurious and Healthy Beard

5 Tips to a Luxurious and Healthy Beard

Most men nowadays have taken to growing their beards. You can also see eager teenagers embracing the trend and letting their facial hair grow. Common reasons for growing out manes are: it adds to men’s masculinity, it creates an air of coolness, and for some, it helps to keep them warm.

Now if you already have a beard, the next step to take is how to keep it in topnotch shape. Routine upkeep such as washing, conditioning, trimming, and likewise using beard oil for growth is a sure fire way to looking good.

For a sleek and luxurious mane, follow our 5 tips below and you’ll be guaranteed to maintain a healthy and impressive looking beard.

Cleanse with a Shampoo

 A common mistake committed by a number of gents is that they use regular soap on their beards. If you’re hesitant to use a product on your hair on your head, then you also shouldn’t use it on your beard. Remember both are hair and you clean your hair with a shampoo.

At present, the market offers plenty of beard-specific shampoos that helps soften the hair and prevents it from drying out. In choosing the right formula for you, make sure to select one with a scent you like or opt for an odorless product.

Moisturize by Conditioning it 

To prevent a dry, scratchy beard moisturize it with a conditioner. The key to guaranteeing that your face is comfortable with all that hair is to use an effective conditioner.

In using a conditioner, it will keep the hair moisturized and healthy, two essential factors for face comfort. Add in that a conditioning product will tame your beard, saving you from looking like a wolfman who just came out of the forest.

 Keep it natural with Oil 

 Though using a conditioner softens your beard, you will still a need a product that nourishes your hair while it grows. This is where beard oil comes in.  In using this type of product, you can expect to grow a healthy and fuller facial hair.

You don’t need to worry also that using a beard oil will leave your hair greasy. At present, there are now available beard oils that are lightweight and quickly absorbed by the hair. If you’re not sure where to look, a good way to start is with the Primitive Outpost beard oil for growth.

 Don’t forget to Brush

 Do you know that daily brushing softens your beard hair? Brushing is considered a natural remedy for your beard since it evenly distributes your natural oils around your facial hair. More than that, it also adds volume to your beard.

Don’t forget though, be careful while brushing short beard. Vigorously brushing facial hair can cause irritation of the skin.


Maintain shape by Trimming

Finally, our last tip for a luxurious and healthy beard is to occasionally trim it. The same with the hair on our head, beard hair doesn’t normally grow out evenly. When facial hair grows, you would want to give it shape.

If you’re in doubt with your skills, you can choose to go to your local barbershop and have it trimmed. Otherwise, you can opt to do it at home with a high-quality beard trimmer.

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