5 Tips to Choose your Fashionable Watch Correctly

5 Tips to Choose your Fashionable Watch Correctly

Unlike women, men do not always have a lot of choice when it comes to trendy jewelry. Wristwatches are the male jewels par excellence so it is better to choose yours thoughtfully. He are the best fashion tips for picking the right watch for men.

Choose a Reliable Watch Brand

You cannot buy a fashionable watch on a whim. Even if you have a crush on a specific model while in a specialized boutique, it is always recommended to take time to check some details. And the first one is the brand. You certainly know some world-known manufacturers and the best ones are those who sell affordable Swiss watches. They allow you to purchase a quality item and save costs.

Check the Watch Bracelet

The bracelet will define the look you are willing to have. Metal will highlight your virility for sure. But if you are looking for resistance and practicality,you areadvised to choosea rubber strap that will give you a sporty look at the same time. If you want a classy and luxurious style, pick a leather strap. Know that it now possible to change the watch bracelet as you wish. You will just have to buy a model that will allow you to do so.

The Watch Movement

There are 3 different types of movements for watches:

  • the Automatic movement;
  • the Mechanical movement;
  • theQuartz movement.

The most common on the market is definitelythe Quartz movement! By means of a battery, it works in a very effective and especiallyvery simple way. You will just need to pay for a new battery once the old one is flat but it remains the most convenient alternativeall the way. Other advantage of the Quartz movement: it is cheaper!

The world’s major watchmaking companies often use the Automatic movement which is the most expensive one! You will not have to change battery by choosing it. On the other hand, the Mechanical movement mightcausesomeissues because third functions of the watch can be disrupted if you do not wear it every day.

The Integrated Options

Watches for men evolve over time and more and more brands insert new options that can be very useful for those who are able to make good use of them.An integrated chronometer, a heart rate monitor (perfect for a sportsmen) or an integrated GPS, you will have a wide choice. With the arrival of connected watches, the options are more technological than ever!

The Watch Design

Most of the time, the design of the watch is a salient choice criterion for men.We talk about theshape but the size matters, too. We remind you that the watch should not exceed your wrist if you want to be comfortable and stylish.

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