6 Superb Tricks To Personalise Your Child’s Playhouse

6 Superb Tricks To Personalise Your Child’s Playhouse

If you are fortunate enough to have a backyard and children, the best thing you can do is to add a playhouse to your yard for your kids.

Such a playhouse is a perfect plaything because children always love to have their own small space where they can get a feel of a wonderland which a playhouse can give them.

Plus, if you personalise the playhouse so as to reflect your kid’s personality and respect her taste, your child will find the playhouse even more fun.

Here are only a few ideas with which you can do this. But don’t forget, you don’t need to limit to these. That way, literally sky is the limit for you.

1. Add Functionality for Your Child

Think upon what your child would like to have in the playhouse. Discuss with him and decide what to add.

If your kid is active enough to run around, hop, jump and swing, consider adding monkey bars, swing set or slides to the playhouse.

You can even add a second storey which will facilitate climbing up for him.

If your child would like to create a story of a house or a party, consider adding furniture, kitchen sets etc. along with dolls and animals. Make sure that your child will get sufficient floor space inside.

You can visit Tiny Tiny Shop Shop website to find a range of playhouses which you canpersonalise as per your child’s taste.

2. Play with Colours

The best way to personalise your kid’s playhouse is to add colours or stains of her choice to it. With colours, your child’s mood will be established and her imagination will be sparked.

If the playhouse is log cabin-style, it’s perfect to just stain both its sides, i.e. inside and outside, to maintain its countryside feel.

On the other hand, if the playhouse is Victorian-style, white side and bright coloured trims will create a great effect.

And if it’s fort-style, you can play with a great range of colours such as black and green camouflage and brown. You can get a range of affordable playhouse for kids from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop which you can buy as per your child’s colour choice.

3. Allow the Child to Decorate the Playhouse

It makes sense to allow your child to decorate the playhouse no matter how rowdy it might look. It’s because your child will spend his most of the time there and not you.

But of course, you can help him by offering wallpaper options, pieces of furniture and decoration pictures to trigger his imagination.

Let him hang his own artwork on the walls along with his favourite posters. If the child wants, you can even add blackboard or whiteboard inside where he and his friends can write and draw.

Image Courtesy: tinytinyshopshop.com.au

4. Furnish the Playhouse

While furnishing the playhouse, take your child’s choice into consideration. And when it comes to furnishing, she has a wide choice.

You can take her to stores full of small-scale tables, chairs, kitchen appliances and sets and more.

Add curtains of her choice and many other objects like hammock, ladders, rugs and more.

5. Add Greenery

If your child wishes that his own house, the playhouse, should look like a real house, he can also have greenery around it. Bring him plants of his choice to start his own small garden.

Help him to create a fence with climbers vining on it. He can also create flowerbeds or can even create a vegetable garden in his own playhouse’s “backyard”.

6. Give the Playhouse a Name

Kids always love to claim ownership and what’s a better way to make them feel that the playhouse is their own than stamping their name on it?

Let her paint her name on the door frame and she’ll feel proud. Help her to bring creativity in the name by making it “Sarahome” instead of simply “Sarah’s Home”. But give first preference to her decision.

After personalising your child’s playhouse with these tricks, your kid will enjoy playing in it even more. And you will enjoy watching her play!

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