A Beach Towel with a Lot of Use

A Beach Towel with a Lot of Use

Vibrant handwoven Turkish hammamas towels from sorbet ltd will have you dreaming of Turkey! These beach towels, also known as peshtemal towels, have a lengthy and important history in Turkish social life. It has been used as outfits, ceremonial bathing of the brides-to-be. At present, this towel is mainly associated with use in conventional Turkish baths or hammamas.

Hammamas towels have a lengthy, rich history; their light and absorbent characteristics are making them more practical than the usual soft towel. Use it to cover wider length on surfaces; bed or table as it has been used like that over the years. Eons ago, homes were still equipped with bathrooms, local hammamas bathhouse and they originated in Rome. But the truth is, the idea was borrowed from the Middle East and became a part of the lifestyle, social and psychological part of the community. Here are some other ways Hammamas Turkish Towel is of use.

Use it as a Scarf

A scarf which has been used by the general people can be worn in multiple ways. You just need to know how to do it and you can even search for it online. If you’re going to the beach and carrying with them a hammamas towel can be inventive in so many ways! Use it as a scarf to cover that bikini body or use it as a covering, it doesn’t matter. Once you get used to it and knows a couple of styles – then have a go at it.

Hammamas Turkish Towel

Head covering

Another important design is the head cover, which you may need when traveling to other countries. You need to cover your hair inside famous buildings, such as a mosque or temples. If you have your beach towel with you that can be your go-to-scarf, then you’d never have to worry! Users who have tried out this Turkish towel have often wore it as a head covering situations like these, so why can’t you?

Play with it and use it as a Bag

Tie edges of the center together lengthwise (hot dog style) before tying the longer ends together (hamburger style). It is merely suggested that you carry your scarf as a bag if you’re bringing important things like your camera, and passport to protect it from loss or theft.

Beach towels like this can also be converted into a dress you could possibly use out as an extra outfit. Take one end to your waistline and then protect the other end on top of it, tucking it into the top when you get to the end. Then flip it over the top for extra protection. This is also great to have in your bag if you need to easily cover your legs to visit a temple or any holy site.

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