A guide to finding the perfect leather jacket that fits your personality

A guide to finding the perfect leather jacket that fits your personality

A leather jacket is a classic piece that every man and woman should have in their closet. It’s one of the chicest outerwear that adds instant oomph and style to any outfit. But with the variety of colors and hardware details available in leather, the choice often gets overwhelming. While we love a classic black moto jacket, one shouldn’t shy away from the bold colors and styles like fringe, perforated and spiked leather jacket.

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 Before we dive into the details, we want you to ask yourself a few questions before finalizing a purchase. What’s the quality of leather being offered? Do i own anything similar already? Does it go well with my personality?

A leather jacket has the power to make you look more powerful and dashing. However, a poor fitting jacket can do the opposite. So, if you are looking for ways to enhance your personality through your choice of the leather jacket then keep reading to learn how to find a leather jacket that can make you proud:

1- Look for the perfect fit

Genuine leather is a natural material that is tricky to manipulate as compared to other materials like cotton. Hence, it’s crucial to find a leather jacket that fits well. Once you like a design, we recommend you to try a few pieces as the fit will vary in each. Remember to wear your sweater underneath before you try it on.

The perfect fitting leather jacket will be snug but not tight. You should easily be able to zip it up to the top or button it completely. An ideal fitting leather jacket should hug your armpits closely,and there should be no loose fabric. Leather stretches,so you don’t want to end up with a baggy jacket after wearing it a few times.

2- Pay attention to detail

There’s no doubt about the fact that the hardware on a leather jacket exudes a lot of sex appeal. It’s the best part,and it is where you can start to express your individual personality. If you are someone with a warm skin tone, then go for gold hardware. People with cool skin tones look best while wearing silver jewelry, so we suggest them to choose silver or onyx hardware.

Keep in mind that some traditional moto jackets come with a belt at the waist. If you’re okay with the added detail, then it’s a great choice. However, many people find the swinging belt buckle annoying as they walk. So, keep all these opinions in mind before you finalize the leather jacket that’s worth your wardrobe space and money.

3- Color

Now if you’re buying aleather jacket as an investment piece, then it is better to play safe and stay away from bold colors and overly trendy designs. Stick with a neutral toned black or brown leather jacket as it will compliment all the outfits in your wardrobe. Plus, a classic black leather jacket never goes out of style, so is guaranteed to be a long-time companion.

If you already own a black or brown leather jacket, then consider a deep red or a midnight blue color. Make sure that the color flaunts your personality and speaks volumes about you as a person.


Finding a suitable leather jacket can be quite overwhelming and can cause a big dent in your wallet too. You can find a decent leather jacket for than $500, and excellent ones for under $1000. Full grain leather costs a lot of money,but we suggest you wait and save up rather than buying a cheap imitation or faux leather jacket.

We hope this guide was helpful in picking out a leather jacket that compliments your personality. If you need more suggestions about things to look in a leather jacket before buying one, then take a look at this informative article by Huffington Post.

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