Cooking the most delicious meals nowadays just got easier, thanks to multi-function cooking ware and appliances, we can cook food easier because of its combined range of capabilities that is packed into one appliance unit.

With houses being built to be more compact and space saver, our kitchens are also getting small and smaller that is why having that large oven and stove is not that convenient to be used nowadays except for if we have a relatively large kitchen where we can place all cooking appliances into one place but the most ideal multi-function appliance for cooking that we can use now is multi-cookers.

Multi-cookers can slow cook, pressure cook and can cook rice in just a single unit. To give us an idea about this very convenient appliance and what brands and products are the best in the market, here is a list of the best range of multi cookers in Malaysia.

Just like other cooking appliances, multi-cookers can perfectly cook any kind of dish without sacrificing the taste and texture of the dish and it is also known to be very convenient when it comes to assembling, storing and cleaning after cooking. Unlike other kitchen appliances, you can place all the ingredients of the dish into one pot and leave it until it is cooked into perfection.

best range of multi cookers in Malaysia

So here are the five best choices we have gathered that you can buy in Malaysia.

  1. Cuckoo BLACK HN10 (price RM 2,650.00)- This state of the art multi-cooker has an auto steam cleaning with hydraulic slow opening mode to keep the dish inside fresh. It also has a patented soft steam cap to prevent any untoward accidents of burning. It also has water draining system and a nonstop steam emission and is made of stainless steel detachable covers and a double layered rubber packing.
  1. Midea Pressure Cooker MY-12LS605A (price RM 254.00) It is easy to use when cooking and has a three-ply stainless steel pot and a cooking timer that we can select to cook different type of dish including rice, meat and vegetables.
  1. Philips Viva Collection All in One Cooker HD2137 (price RM 569.99) – This multi-cooker is best used for baking and slow cooking. It is made from aluminum and a non-stick alloy inner pot that also has a stainless steel inner pot.
  1. Butterfly Pressure Cooker BPC32A 16.5L (price RM 168.00) – This is a heavy duty pressure and slow cooker that is ideal for small restaurants and eateries. This is for people who are more hands on with their cooking. It is a 16.5-liter pressure cooker that can cook large amount of dish in a single cooking which is perfect for occasion and the holiday season as well as for food business.

5. Philips HD2136 Pressure Cooker (price RM 299.00)- This is the most suitable slow cooker for those who just learned cooking and this is also perfect for small families. It comes with a detachable lid and non-stick and anti-scratch inner layer of its pot that can cook small to medium amount of dish.

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