A short guide in buying a good-quality motorcycle jacket

A short guide in buying a good-quality motorcycle jacket

For those who do not ride, the first thing that comes to their mind when they asked about what is a motorcycle jacket, they often describe as the black leather jacket, however, it may be very iconic to the general population, but it is actually more than that https://www.givi.com.my/product.php?cat=11.

Nowadays, riders have more options and safety features to enjoy when it comes to using a motorcycle jacket regardless of how and what you ride, there is always a motorcycle jacket that can fit your needs and your style.

The wide array of motorcycle jackets does always pose confusion to a lot of riders though, so how do you choose the right motorcycle jacket that best fits your style and your ride? Usually, a leather cruiser jacket may be the first thing that comes to your mind, but it could cause you problems especially if your style of riding is not for cruising.

In this article from a trusted and popular brand of motorcycle rain suit & jacket online malaysia, let us talk about how intricate it is to choose a motorcycle jacket and hopefully after reading this article, you will have a good idea which style and type of construction of the jacket best fits you and your riding style.

buying a good-quality motorcycle jacket

  • Styles- Motorcycle jackets can be grouped into four major categories; the cruiser, the racing, sports/street, and the adventure tour. The jackets in each category are tailored to fit the specific requirement of each style of riding, and there a both leather and textile options for each of these styles to give the riders a good choice of their preferred material in the style of a jacket that best fits their riding style even though there are some jackets out there that adhere to a specific style, but there is a growing number of jackets that removes this separation of styles to accommodate more riders who want to enjoy this accessory.
  • Materials- Just like what is mentioned above, there are two types of material used to make motorcycle jackets, leather, and textile. A lot of people argue on this, however, even though both have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is important to match those advantages and disadvantages to the rider’s riding style and the preferences to know which material suits the rider best because, in the end, it will still end up as a personal decision of the rider. Leather is best for its resistance for abrasion especially if it is made from top quality leather that will provide optimum protection from road rash. Textile material that is used to make motorcycle jacket is best to protect the rider from the rain and the heat of the sun.
  • Reflectivity- One of the reasons riders wear motorcycle jackets is for safety, and the majority of these jackets have reflectors to make the rider visible enough on the road. Make sure that if you purchase a jacket, regardless if it is textile or leather, that it has reflectors on it.
  • Ventilation- Proper ventilation in a jacket should be one of your top priority to help prevent any perspiration to build up inside that may cause irritation and uncomfortable feeling, not to mention heat exhaustion during long rides. A good quality jacket has a vent to a perforated mesh material to keep moisture off while it is raining and can dry off sweat inside when it is hot.
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