All you need to know about helmets

All you need to know about helmets

Helmet is nothing but a protective hat which is hard and padded. Helmets are not only meant for riding but it is also used by police officers, soldiers, sports players, motorcyclists etc.

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Why are helmets important? 

Helmets are very important to wear as it protects our head from causing any injuries. Let it be during any practice of sport or while riding a bike. A helmet is a must. When we  wear a helmet doesnt mean we can  be rash or reckless, It’s just a protection for our face, head and the brain in case we fall down.

Human Head is the most crucial part of the body as it consists the brain. So to protect our head from causing any injuries we need to wear a helmet. Head injuries can be so serious and due to this the brain gets effected and the person may die.

Compared to a car, bikes gives a person more freedom on a road which might turn to be a bit dangerous. Riders need to understand the risks of riding a bike without a helmet. Without helmets, they are at a danger of suffering from head injuries if they meet with an accident even at high or low speed. When it comes to brain injuries, it takes a lot of time to recover compared to any other body part. Brain injuries may result to spinal cord  injuries that requires a lot of care, money for a long period of time. So to save from all this it’s better to wear a helmet while riding. steel bird open face helmets is a very good option among many other brands. Always buy a helmet with ISI brand mark to ensure safety.

Some important reasons why helmet should be made compulsory.

  • To set an example.

Adults who wear helmets set an example to the little ones around them. Kids or teens tend to not wear a helmet as it might be uncomfortable or looks uncool. So if adults don’t wear a helmet then the younger ones will have trouble seeing the importance of a helmet. So we need to set an example for the younger ones.

  • To avoid weather conditions.

Weather is so unpredictable especially if you are living in Bangalore, India. So if you wear a helmet it protects you from weather hazards like too much sun, Rain or hail. Some companies manufactures winter helmets which keeps us warm during frigid temperatures.

  • To avoid accidents.

Sometimes during accidents Drivers don’t tend to see the motorcyclists. So if the helmet has a bright color or design then it becomes visible for the other drivers or riders. So choose a bright colored helmet so that others can spot the rider especially during the day as well.

  • To avoid breaking the rules.

We can also avoid getting a ticket by the traffic police as it is compulsory to wear a helmet. So we can save some money and not getting caught by the police. These days even pillion rider helmet is mandatory as well.

So choose the right kind of helmet suitable for your face and size of head. You can shop for open faces helmets online India, full helmets, half helmets, among the various types. But always remember to wear a helmet and save lives.

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