Are you already using the hottest red dye?

Are you already using the hottest red dye?

Dying your hair is never easy, especially if you’re not an expert. However, don’t you worry! You don’t need to be a hairdresser to totally transform your hair, you just need to know what the best red hair dye is.

    Contrary to most hair colors, dying your hair red can be a little bit of a challenge. It isn’t enough to just know the techniques and all the tips and tricks, you also need to work with only the best red hair dyes you can get your hands on… So, are you ready?

Use only the best red hair dye.

   Like we mentioned, dying your hair it’s a whole process, and done wrong it can seriously damage your hair. So, to avoid that and achieve the best result possible, you need to work with only the best products available.

   Luckily for you, we’ve gathered useful information so you can make sure you’re using the best red hair dye out there, and that the come out will be so incredible, everyone will want to have their hair just like yours.

  1. Look for long-lasting products.
    Red is a strong color for dying your hair, and it will wash off quickly if you don’t pick up a permanent hair dye, possibly with ammonia in it (although you can find one without it too)

Top brands like Garnier and L’oréal are two of the red hair dyes you can find. Specifically the Garnier color creme 66 in true red, or the L’oréal in Red Penny. Whichever you can use, it’ll guarantee you a professional finish.

  • Make sure they cover up any other color.
    To really make sure you’re using the best red hair dye out there, it has to cover up your natural (or already dyed) hair color, otherwise your hair could come up in a way different tone than you imagined.

Look out for red hair dyes like the GarnierOlia permanent hair color, or the GarnierNutrisse,that can and will cover up every inch of your hair, including those annoying gray hairs.

  • Go for the whole package.
    It isn’t the best red hair dye if it doesn’t include a cream or some sort of after-dye treatment to put in your hair and make sure it’s still healthy after applying the hair dye.

Companies like Garnier and L’oréal usually include a whole kit that comes with the developer, the hair dye and a deep and rich conditioner to put in your hair and really make sure that red hair just pop out!

  • Choose the right tone of red.
    To make sure your red hair shines through the whole month and doesn’t wash off during the first week after dying, you need to really pick the best red hair dye, and to do that, we have some suggestions.

The L’oréal Paris Intense Red Copper, and the Vidal Sassoon 7/43 Red are great examples of rich, deep red colors that are guaranteed to last up to whole month without washing off!

As you might have already noticed, picking up the best red hair dye takes quite some thinking and time, but it’s totally worth it. You’ll end up with a beautiful, soft, incredible red hair that will last you for weeks!

You can either pick up any of the red hair dyes we already mentioned, or just take all that knowledge and keep it in mind when you’re going out to buy the supplies to dying your hair. Whatever it is, if you follow up our advice, we guarantee you’ll end up with a beautiful red color.

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