Benefits of Using a Smart Watch While You Travel

Benefits of Using a Smart Watch While You Travel

It is impossible to find anyone who travels without a smartphone nowadays. Once an ultra-premium, luxurious piece of technology, a smartphone is now just another gadget, in the absence of which life seems handicapped. You do not even need to remember it as essential to pack as it is always with you. It has replaced the use of calculators, maps, cameras, and compass among various other travel essentials.

Smart phones have become one of the most used travel assistants. From booking a cab, flight, hotel room, checking the route to connecting with friends, everything is carried out through your phones. What is even better is that this advancement and innovation is not limited to phones. It has entered the arena of watchmaking and has transformed watches into smartwatches. All the latest watches by premium companies across the globe have features of a smartwatch.

With the pace of advancement in watchmaking and technology, the future of travel might just reside on your wrist. The combination of watch and phone provides us the complete package in terms of the best travel assistant.

Let’s take a look at the features that make these smart watches handy for travel. This guide would also help you with what to look for in a smartwatch before your next big trip.

  1. Mobile Payment: This makes for one of the strongest arguments in favor of a smartwatch. Being able to pay for your travel expenses on the tap is not only convenient but also allows you to carry less cash. This is a safe way and helps save on unnecessary expenditures. Having access to all your accounts without the weight of your credit cards or cash makes for a practical way to travel! Once you download the wallet app, you can make wireless payments that do not even require you to bring your phone along. This will become more and more popular as the use of smartwatches spreads and becomes a norm.
  2. Mobile Boarding Pass: Use this feature and become the futuristic techno-wizard everyone is in awe of. It is so much better and poised than fumbling with your phone while boarding the plane. You can add mobile boarding passes to your watch as well.


  1. Watch Faces: A smartwatch allows you to not only create a lasting impression but also keep a check on vital information such as the weather, time, calendar alerts, texts, notifications, emails, etc., without having to take out your phone. Some of the best custom smartwatch faces include:
  • Planets: You can see where all the planets are currently.
  • Digitless: A minimal watch face that shows the time, weather and alert notifications.
  • Surfline: Everything a surfer needs to know in terms of the wave height and frequency, tide, and swells.
  1. GPS, Maps & Altimeters: Imagine getting lost in an unknown country. It is the worst thing to happen while traveling. Luckily, having a GPS enabled smartwatch allows you access to a searchable map on the go. Without having to fiddle with your phone, you can navigate easily with a smartwatch. It also helps save on to your phone’s battery which drains immensely due to the use of GPS.

Having all these features strapped to your wrist makes traveling not only fun and exciting but also convenient. You can look for smartwatches online in India if you are planning a trip anytime soon. Otherwise also it is a great addition to your watch collection. Timex has some great timepieces that you can benefit from and choose as the ideal travel companion.

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