Best Gardening Tools to Invest In

Best Gardening Tools to Invest In

The world of gardening tools has become wider with the addition of specialty tools to use for your garden. The right garden tools will go a long way to helping you face the curveballs when you start to take care of your garden. Experts have their recommendations when you buy specialty garden tools to help you during the growing season.

Pruning shears

Pruners are essential to gardening. Every gardener must have at least a pair of these. Some pruning shears are meant for small hands like the Felco #6 with aluminum handles and steel blades. Some other brands are meant for those with large hands. Look for a pair that is coated to prevent the formation of rust and reduce friction.

Hori Hori

Some gardeners dig using trowels, but experienced ones use digging knives referred to by their Japanese name hori hori. The design was developed by Japanese gardeners. The trowel is often scoffed at because of the metal part that connects the handle to the other end. This part is known to easily bend and break. The hori hori is made of a single steel shank that functions as a handle and digging end. Trowels are great for loose soil digging, but hori horis are great even for hard-to-pull weeds, rocks, and roots.

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Berry comb

Commercial blueberry farmers often use this for harvesting. This power tool has rake-like prongs that segregate the berries from the branches when you run this tool across the shrub. The berries are deposited inside the tool. This dramatically lessens the taxing harvest process. This tool may also be used for harvesting wild huckleberries. Some versions may handle blackberries and even small fruits.

Pole pruners

Before you decide to buy specialty garden tools, you have to consider pole pruners. It is hard to pick fruits from the tree tops, and it is also challenging to prune the canopy. However, this is important. Annual tree pruning can help to maintain the health and productivity of a tree. This can also help control its size, which makes it easier to pick.

Flame weeder

This powertool helps you to avoid the back-breaking task of pulling out weeds. This incinerates the weeds as you hover this tool over unwanted weeds in your backyard. This tool comes with a metal wand which is attached to a propane tank using a short tube. Once lit, the wand immediately becomes a torch. It also directs the flames away from the body of the weeder and toward the weeds. The torch may kill weeds or any plant within several feet. This makes it crucial to use this tool only in weeding areas where you want everything to be destroyed.

You may also need a telescoping fruit picker which comes with claw-like tines that pluck fruits from the tree.

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