Best Shopping in Tel Aviv

Best Shopping in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is known as the culture hub of Israel, with all its museums, art galleries, and historical locations. But did you know that people from all over Israel go to Tel Aviv for the shopping scene? Here are the best malls and shopping centers in Tel Aviv.

Jaffa Flea Market

Here you will find that antique clock that would look so great in your kitchen, or a vintage pair of jeans. Don’t forget to haggle for your wares, which is expected here. Enjoy the eateries and the second-hand shops too.

Sarona Market

This marketplace is both 140 years old and very modern. Recently updated, Sarona Market lies in the heart of Tel Aviv, close to the Azrieli Towers. Here you will find dozens of specialty food shops from all over the world. It also houses book, clothing, and shoe stores and a relaxing grassy area.

Dizengoff Center

Dizengoff was Tel Aviv’s first mall, built in 1983. It’s eclectic stores, ranging from chain stores, found all over the country, to specialty stores, such as a stamp-collector’s shop. This mall also contains a movie theater, a gym, and several specialty music stores. On Fridays, on the bottom floor, visit the food bazaar and designers market.

HaTachana Compound

Originally built as a train station over 120 years ago, HaTachana was converted into an outdoor beach-side shopping mall. Wander around the old-fashioned station and learn about the history of the place. Get yourself a scoop of ice cream and a pair of designer shoes. Finally, walk across the street to relax on the beach and soak up the sun.

Ramat Aviv Mall

Looking for a luxurious shopping experience away from the busy center of Tel Aviv? Ramat Aviv Mall fits these criteria. With 130 stunning shops, filled with expensive-feeling clothes and jewelry, this mall is the solution to your need to feel like you’re back home. You may recognize some of the chain stores, but you will also be amazed how many stores from around the world you will find there.

Carmel Market

No shopping trip to Tel Aviv is complete without visiting the Carmel Market. Specializing in fresh produce and trendy clothes, Carmel Market is Tel Aviv’s busiest market. Arrange a food tour with one of the market tour guides to learn all about the different tastes that abound.

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