Best Summer Fabrics For Men Kurtas to Beat the Heat

A tiring mood can easily betide when it is Summer or you have tolerated scorching sunlight for a long time. The air conditioner or fan won’t work when you are outside or on the field. The only thing that will come to your rescue is your dressing style.

Men usually have versatile wear which is jeans and a T-shirt for the office (that allow a casual dress code) and to enjoy personal space. But jeans seem not a very good companion when summer comes. But kurta pyjama feels unapologetically desi and practical. On top of it, it is also important to choose the fabrics of your kurta wisely.

Fret not because we are ready with the season’s top fabrics for kurta for men that would reduce the sweat and also, perfect for Indian tropical weather.


Unquestionably, cotton is one of the most preferred natural fabric during the time of Summer. The fabric is highly comfortable and breathable to war throughout the day. The cotton knit kurtis online for men are highly sought after as they are soft, smooth in texture and lightweight, just perfect for any Indian summer vacation.


The close and tight knits of linen fabric is highly praised and admired by fashion shenanigans around the world. This is another kind of natural fabric and largely exported by China. Made from flax plants, linen fabric exudes an unparallel cool feel and comfort. Linen kurtas for men come in soothing shades or colours, help you relax in the summer heat.

Linen kurtas are like a practical air conditioner that would also absorb the body sweat.


Since the Swadeshi movement before India’s independence, khadi fabric has seen a steep boom in the textile industry around the globe. Though have coarse finishing, the fabric assures cool touch across the searing hot weather. Also, Khadi kurtis online are quite in-trend nowadays as they are perfect picks for special occasions to showcase your indulgence as a fashion connoisseur.


Rayon is another excellent fabric to beat the heat, that would make you feel at home even under the scorching rays of the sun. This is a man-made fabric, made from cellulose, wood pulp, cotton and other natural synthetic fabrics.

Rayon kurta for men reflects a glossy finishing like silk fabric but affordable as compared to silk.

There is an additional surprising factor of Rayon fabric. It helps to evaporate the moisture quickly to keep you dry and fresh even in extremely hot weather.

Original Silk

Silk fabric is a choice of the riches who have an interest in the finest yarns. Silk kurta for men is another delight be worn during summers and winters. The fabric exudes absorbing property, which makes it a perfect match during the season. The fabric would absorb sweat and wick the moisture quickly, making you feel cosy and comfy throughout the day.

Another interesting factor of silk is that it is the most hypoallergenic fabric available in the textile market, thusly, be it for men or kids, silk is a great pick.

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