Birthday Cheesecake Delivery – Happiness Comes In A Cake!

Birthday Cheesecake Delivery – Happiness Comes In A Cake!

Birthdays always call for a special cake, and what could be better than a decadent cheesecake? From classic to creamy and indulgent, these are the best for celebrating birthdays.

Multiple cake shops in Singapore offer birthday cheesecake delivery. When someone is running late or doesn’t know how to make a cheesecake themselves, these delivery services make a celebration easier. Also, ordering online helps save time, and one can enjoy the birthday party without worrying much.

Here are some cake shops selling devilishly delicious cheesecakes.

  1. The Jelly Heart 

They are Halal certified. The Jelly Heart is Singapore’s first and original jelly cheesecake spot. Also, they give the freedom to their customers to customize the birthday cakes in unique forms and touch personal messages. Multi-layer rainbow cheesecake is their all-time best-selling item.

  1. Beverly Hills Cheesecake 

They have one of the largest selections of cheesecake flavors. There’s something for everyone here. Along with the mainstream mint chocolate and salted caramel, they also have a bunch of unique flavors.

  1. Cat & The Fiddle Cake 

This is an award-winning chain of cake shops. They have the most iconic cheesecakes with various flavors like blueberry, devil’s chocolate, etc. Their outlets are perfect for birthday parties, but they offer birthday cheesecake delivery as well.

  1. Cake Spade 

If someone is looking for tofu cheesecake for a birthday celebration, this is the place to go. Their strawberry tofu cheesecake and peach tofu cheesecake are among the best sellers. Cake Spade also has a bunch of typical flavors.

  1. LeTAO 

This is a Japanese place selling cheesecakes that can make anyone feel nostalgic. The best-selling flavors for birthdays are chocolate double cheesecake and Fromage. Their menu is wholesome and always evolving. With their plentiful recipes, there’s something for people of all age groups.

  1. Cheesecake Bistro 

This place has a diverse range of cheesecakes. They offer over 90 flavors which indeed makes an impressive menu. Cheesecake Bistro is very experimental and always comes up with extraordinary relishes. If someone is looking for something out of the box for a birthday cake, they can go for berries, green coconut tea, or dragon fruit cheesecake. They also have many safe options like oreo and chocolate cheesecake.

Cheesecakes are the most delightful option when it comes to birthday cakes. If someone wants to save time and effort, they can opt for these online delivery options to make the special day of their loved ones more memorable.

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