Blisters On Your Feet? Here Are Some Tips To Avoid and Treat Them!

Blisters On Your Feet? Here Are Some Tips To Avoid and Treat Them!

Though blisters can appear on other parts of our body, the feet are the most common areas that can be affected. Blisters are painful skin irritations that are usually caused by skin or body parts that are rubbing against each other or skin rubbing against clothing. Nothing is better than preventing it from ever happening.

To do that, you have to pay attention to your skin and to take action if you know that you need to protect them when you have to do a lot of physical activities that involve your feet. Here’s what you can do:

Always Protect Your Feet.

The most obvious yet taken-for-granted reason is to protect your feet. How to do that? Buy anti-blister socks for sale online. If regular socks don’t help, use specialized socks like this one. Or, you can wear two pairs of socks to help protect your skin. You also have to make sure that your shoes fit correctly. Choose shoes that are not too tight, but it should also not be too loose.

Use Soft Bandages

For your feet, you should consider using soft bandages or adhesive moleskin. If you are going to use bandages, you have to make sure that they are applied securely to avoid your skin from rubbing to the bandage and cause blisters.

Petroleum Jelly or Powder Can Help

Blisters happen when there is friction. So to avoid this from happening, you can apply powder or petroleum jelly to your feet before you wear your socks. If you have similar problems with other parts of your body, like your thighs, you can reduce friction with these too.

Stop When There’s Pain

If you feel pain or slight discomfort, stop your activity right away. Do not wait until your skin turns red and uncomfortable. If you keep on moving even when you are already feeling the first signs, there is a huge chance that you will get blisters.

Treat The Blister ASAP

If you have not followed the steps above and you did get blisters on your feet, what should you do? You have been advised above to stop whatever you are doing the moment you feel pain or discomfort, and even redness, but what should you do when you already get blisters?

  • Cover Affected Area. If you already have blisters, make sure that you loosely cover it with a bandage.
  • Use Padding. For blisters at the bottom of your feet, protect them by using padding. These are your pressure areas so you have to lessen contact with them.
  • Never Pop The Blister. Some people will not stop until their blisters pop or drain. But remember that doing so can lead to infection. You can drain the blister but you have to do it sterile.
  • Clean And Cover. To avoid infection, you have to make sure that you keep the affected area clean and loosely covered at all times. Never expose raw skin while it’s healing by removing the “roof.”

Blisters On Your Feet

Blisters are painful but you can definitely prevent this from causing your discomfort. Follow the tips mentioned above to protect your feet from getting blisters. And if you ever do have blisters, clean and treat them as instructed above.

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