Buy among the most Stylish Swimsuits for 2019

Buy among the most Stylish Swimsuits for 2019

As the holidays are approaching, or if you plan to spend a weekend at the swimming pool, you will certainly need to find the perfect trendy swimsuit to highlight your assets. This summer, which kind of swimsuit are you going to wear? A bikini, a tankini, a one-piece or a trikini? Here are the best tips to choose the right swimsuit for this year.

Bikini, the King of Swimsuits

Beautiful, sexy and comfortable, the two-piece swimsuit remains a must-have in 2019. Now, the trend is to original motifs like tropical, flowery, ethnicand checkered patterns. Your bikini can be a triangle swimsuit, a bandeau swimsuit or a push up swimsuit if you have small breasts. If you think you have some curves, opt for a set with a high waist panties.Women who are not comfortable baring their midsection can purchase a tankini, a two-piece swimsuit with a top half styled like a tank top and a classic bikini bottom.

Know that you can buy this timeless type of swimsuit as a set. This means that the top and the bottom are perfectly assorted. For instance, you can choose a strapless topmatched with a high waist bottom.On the other hand, you can decide to be more exceptional and combine two different pieces for your bikini. Being fashionable during swim season is also being able to stand out from the others. The other reason that can make you buy the pieces of your bikini separately is that you may have to find different sized bottom and top.

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One-piece: THE Swimsuit for Summer 2019

One-piece swimsuits had been out of date for a while but now it is back in force. They are no longer reserved for women over 50 years. Its vintage aspect makes it elegant, glamorous and classy. The one-piece is a mustthis summer. Opt for one of the Banana moon 50’s style swimsuits to be on top on the beach.

Except from being highly trendy, this type of swimsuit offers a full coverage for the shyest ones.A normal one-piece swimsuit coversthe entire torso.This means thatit is the best option if you want to stay in your comfort zone. Most of the time, one-piece swimsuitisalso more practical for exercises.Thus, this option is perfect if you plan to swim laps or do water aerobics during your vacation. At the same time, you will be beautifully fashionable.

For even more coverage, buy a pretty swim-dress that will cover, not only your torso, but also your hips and thighs. To refine your silhouette, go for a one-piece swimwear swimsuit. For a sexier swim look, purchase a model with a deep V-neck or with side cutouts. The other alternative is to choose a trikini that will highlight your flat hips.

Now you know how to be fashionable at the beach or the pool this summer. While purchasing the trendy swimsuit of your choice, make sure it is durable by checking its thickness. Natural and breathable fabrics are always to be preferred.

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