Buy the best hair straightener in order to avoid the hair from getting damaged

Buy the best hair straightener in order to avoid the hair from getting damaged

The right hair straightener would last for a long time and would do some wonders on your hair along with saving it from some unnecessary damage. It is also worth spending some time and money on choosing one that meets your requirements. A hair straightener is quite versatile and is like an investment that would pay you in the long run. The right appliance would not only style your hair but it would also protect it from damage and breakage. So, how do you select the best hair straightener for your hair? Well, these are a few simple factors for choosing the right one.

Factors for choosing the right straightener

  • The right shape- The edge of straightener can affect its capability of being versatile. So, if the outer edge of the straighter is rounded, then it would be easy to use the straightener for curling. While a hair iron with very sharp edges would only give you straightened hair and would affect its ability of versatile.
  • The width of the plate- Look for a straightener that has wider plates because then you would be able to straighten the hair. However, if you want to carry your iron rod for travelling then narrow plates would be best for fitting it into your bag. Wide plates also use a lot of heat, which can damage the hair.

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  • The right plates- The plates of the straightener are made of different metals and substances. However, there is no right material for the plate, which is why considering the demand of your hair for the same would be better. There are titanium irons, which can get easily heated and are quite pricey. These titanium irons are best for coarse hair. The ceramic irons are effective for most of the hair textures. However, ceramic can wear down in the long run. Then there the tourmaline plates which are just right for damaged hair.
  • The temperature- To reduce hair damage from using the hair iron, choose one that comes with adjustable settings. Then use the heat setting that gives you the desired results. Irons that are low cost can heat up and damage a lot of your hair.

So, it is important for one to buy good quality hair straightener that uses the best materials, as higher valued straightener comes with adjustable settings. But by high valued, it doesn’t mean high valued at a price but highly valued in quality. Go for a high valued straighter and avoid cheap strengtheners as they are not that versatile and lack a lot of good features. With a good quality iron, you would not be required to do touch-ups for a day or two, which is good for the hair in the longer run.

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