Categories of Baby Bibs Perfect for Different Age Groups

Categories of Baby Bibs Perfect for Different Age Groups

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Apart from feeding bottles, comforters, bodysuits and pyjamas, bibs are the most needed item.  It seems easy to use this mealtime essential. In reality, the baby bibs have experienced a revolutionary process within the last few years. Now, the online stores offer different materials and styles of bibs. You cannot choose the right style and material until and unless you do not have an idea of their functions. For your assistance, Babyshop promo code KSA is provided to make the selection of baby essentials economical for parents.

Categories of Baby Bibs

In past, the standard round shaped bibs were available in different colors. Towel like material (with straps round the neck) was used to keep the baby clothes clean. It was a useful material that still exists.

  • Dribbler or Drool Bibs

Dribbler bibs are similar to hipster fashion or hanky type of accessory. It is also available in standard size. These are the best to use while feeding a bottle or nursing. These can be used in home or going out. It is natural that babies dribble anytime, irrespective of place. The saliva coming from their mouth can make a new dress dirty. Instead of changing the dress again and again, use a drool bib and keep your babies clean throughout the day.

  • Feeding Bibs

After passing the first six month, the little ones start eating some solid food. It is a whole new game that is actually messier than the feeding time. Use a feeding bib and avoid the mashed peas, potatoes or carrots falling on the floor. The upper portion of a feeding bib is similar to standard bib; however the bottom contains a pocket to hold the solid and liquid and keep the clothes as well as the floor clean. Use babyshop promo code ksa to purchase different types of bibs and make the mealtime less messy and hectic.

  • Smock Bibs

These are long sleeved shirt like bibs. These are capable to cover the neck to knee area. These are specially designed to make the time foolproof. These are perfect to cover the fancy dresses or the white clothes. While enjoying a dinner in a restaurant, use these lifesaver bibs. Smock bibs are a bit massive and offer an open backside for an easy roll up.

  • Disposable Bibs

These are not perfect for routine use. If you are attending a party or planning for vacations, keep these disposable bibs and throw away after mealtime. These are really helpful when you are out and cannot find enough time to wash the material.

Selection of Bibs according to Age

Bibs are used on regular basis, so it is enough to dispose a bib after using it three or four months. These days, parents are given facility to choose bibs according to age group. For instance, the drool bibs are recommended for 0 to 6 month babies. Similarly, the feeding bibs are perfect for four to ten month babies. Smock bibs are ideal for one to three years old babies. While buying this stain-prone item, do not forget to use baby shop promo code ksa to avail the baby accessories on low-price.

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