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Professional Eyelash Extension Supplies for Lash Artists

Want to get your eyelash extension supplies almost immediately after placing your order? Tired of your eyelash extension provider being constantly out of stock on your must-have tools? StacyLash can deliver professional eyelash extension supplies when you really need them. The key mission of our company is to provide our customers with the required tools and deliver them as fast as possible.

Additional Lash Extension Accessories

The best way to encourage returning clients and increase the clientele base is to use professional tools. When you choose high-quality lash extension tools, you can rest assured that your customers will be satisfied with the result. However, besides the basic items like extensions, tweezers or glues, there are also additional extension accessories every lash artist needs to have. So, what are they?


  • Microfiber brushes and palette sponges. They are necessary throughout the whole procedure to make it cleaner and more professional. The brushes and sponges will make the application softer as an angel’s wings. Plus, these two materials can make the whole work easier.
  • Adhesive holders will help you make the process faster. The holders provide additional handling during the application.
  • Gel eye pads. Decide for yourself whether you need them or not, but the pads can help your customers feel more comfortable during the lash extension procedure.
  • A tweezer travel case. Its main purpose is to be able to take all your tools with you wherever you go. It’s easier to put everything in one and carry them with you. The choice of cases is huge today so you can choose the best option for yourself. Most of them have an inner flap to protect all your brush heads and tweezer tips.
  • Airflow fan. This tool creates an additional airflow and pushes adhesive fumes away from you and your customer. Another provision that you need on your hands which comes in literal “handy”.
  • Lash shampoo. Its primary aim is to remove makeup from eyelash extensions. It would be pretty difficult to take off all of those little ones without distracting your client. The formula is free from paraben, betaine or any other toxic ingredients.

Keep in mind that your reputation depends not only on your experience in the niche but also on the tools you use. So, if you don’t want to lose your customers, don’t go the cheap road. Never put your reputation at risk; buy professional tools at Stacy Lash!

Hair Care Tips With Luxury Services

There are several services that provide luxury hair spa in Singapore and if you are looking for those products that are considered with the higher quality than the rest of the other brands, it is important to consider the best luxury services that you can present yourself. This article will discuss luxury hair care tips and guidelines that you should follow.

For you 

This informative article may discuss a number of the most crucial nutrients for hair and nail care, associated with analyzing and predicated on experts. People will be known how certain nutrients like protein should really be part of the diet since it’s necessary for growth may they be hair, nail, epidermis or muscles. Your personal hair and your nails are obviously made from protein and the human body procedures that nutrient to help keep your cells always wellness and also help and support in the replenishment of your own hair and nails from time for you yourself to time. Various persons are apt to have different development of hair and nails. Those who have brittle nails and hair may require more protein on the diet.

Know that your own hair is the crowning eminence and that’s among the principal issues that individuals might find when they’re winding up in you out from the blue. Persons spend energy cutting and cutting their locks, exactly the same volume of while they spend time looking at what’s the greater hair which could match them. One of the services that you may take a look at are these establishments that offer luxury hair spa in Singapore.

Hair Care Tips With Luxury Services

Seeking for the best services

Professionals on hair and nails in the region can help you have the most effective looks and appearances since they are educated enough concerning this matter. Nobody needs loss hair and besides genetics, diet and nutrition are show play a sizable role because it relates to hair loss and nail problems. These specialists on hair and nails in the region feel that you have to make use of the proper items for your own hair to manage to guide you through which makes it develop right. It surely is dependent upon the sort of hair that you have, and whether you have the curly or right hair, you will discover items which may be most readily useful suited to you. Cleaning your own hair while moist is just a common training but many specialists say not to do this because it tends to separate your lives your hair. Use a wide-toothed brush to manage to arrange your own hair when wet. Some also believe that cleaning your own hair daily may possibly not be the most effective solution but that usually will depend on your location’s weather. Those surviving in the temperate parts may opt to wash their hair not daily but those in the tropics where the temperature might be warmer and moister could need to do the cleaning every day.

For hair, dandruff is the absolute most exceptionally terrible foe and for nails, it should be clean. You are able to just utilize objects publicized to complete bravo but recall they’re hovering toward synthetics which are produced in the control crops and you’re uncertain about their organization.

Performing study about the very best objects for hair and scalp care will allow you to calculate your possibilities and establish the very best wellbeing objects which could furnish you with the very best chosen standpoint. You have the ability to understand and know you will be open to ever furnish your self with the very best care.

How To Have A Pretty Shape Of Lips?

Are you very conscious of the shape of lips? Do you come up with an idea on how to shape up pretty lips? Do you have a favorite actor or actress with its very seductive lips? Who would not want to have a pretty lip? No one would refuse an attractive lip. But, not all of us are gifted with a very nice shape of lips. This is why a lot of lip enhancers are created and available in the market today. In fact, a lot of cosmetic companies are manufacturing cosmetic products. Lip liners are one of these best-selling products in the cosmetic industry. Distributors of cosmetic products are answering the supplies due to product demand. Manufacturers keep busy on making finished products for the distribution. Lips liners are on top of the list with high-demand among other cosmetic products.

Shape lip with a lip liner

The longtime problem of how to have a sexy lip has ended now, shape your lips with YSL lip liners. It is no doubt that not all lips are in good shape. There are those lips that don’t complement like the upper and lower lip. There is a lip with thicker upper than the lower lip, and thicker lower lip than the upper lip. Now, this is what the lip liner does its job. In fact, it is a very applicable cosmetic even in the past generation. But, lip liners are not available before. This is a newly invented cosmetic along with modernity. Lipsticks are the only available lip enhancer long ago. Now, anyone can have that sexy and kissable lips with YSL lip liners.

Shape your lips with YSL lip liners

Enhance the shape of a lip

To enhance the shape of a lip is not easy without lip liners. Lipsticks will do, but the not that great result with the application of lip liners. Makeup artists happily proved that lip liners are a big help to their work. It is easy for them to make someone look more beautiful lips. To shape the lip with its very seductive look is never been difficult with lip liners. Everyone would love how these liners can change the look of the lip. Anyone can compare the before and after application of the lip liner. In fact, it doesn’t only shape the lip, but it adds up life to the color of the lipstick. Professional makeup artists combined the shades both lip liner and lipstick. It can make another amazing result on the lips, making it look more seducing look.

Various shades of lip liners

Lip liners are available in different colors. The same with lipsticks, lip liners are also available in different colors. Since lipsticks are in different colors, so as with the lip liners. Professional makeup artists used lip liners are their guide on the perfect shape of the lips. Lipsticks are on various shades, lip liners must also complement with these shade too. From the word “guide”, lip liners must be complementing the right shade of the lipstick applied on the lips.

This Is the Right Place For You

Any business requires the right managing team for it to flourish. When it comes to beauty products the owner of the business must in the first place recognize that he has identified himself with ladies.  So he must do everything possible to attract the ladies. If you have a performing managing team in your business obviously you will start to reap the benefits more than your rivals. If you need Uñas semipermanentes, just contact us and you 2ill be on your to happiness. A serious business owner will always do everything within his or her will to ensure that the business is always in place. When you are a well-connected patron, you will always prove that your business is reliable and trusted.

Technology brings changes of all sorts. Changes that we cannot avoid. Technology has for sure ensured that we are an advanced generation. Without technology, there could be no hospitals,  schools,  vehicles, smartphones and, many more. This is already advanced age of man where almost everything is computerized. Most business persons are identifying themselves with technology in order to propel themselves even further. Technology has for sure changed us we are no longer the primitive and backward people we used to be. We embrace change almost every day. This is really amazing. A good business will always be in harmony with all the workers. When you have a good managing team that knows how to implement the company’s policies then you haven asset that you should not ignore. Being in business is seriously thinking that requires serious minds. The conmen are always jokes who not know how to run businesses.

Uñas semipermanentes

They want to take shortcuts in everything, and at the same time take advantage of technology. Everywhere we go people talk of technology. This shows that technology is here to stay. With the right managing team in place, the sales team will follow suit and the right things will always be done in the business. Beauty products are known to sell faster. This may be because no lady wants to be left behind. almost every lady wants to wear the right clothes. use the most modern makeups and so on.    For sure there is a lot of competition among ladies. The completion is healthy for the growth of businesses. When the ladies compete for being beautiful, the companies selling beauty products gain a lot. This should always be the way to go. Most business persons are people who know what they are doing. The principled business owners will ensure that the stick is always up to date. They will coordinate with the managing tea always to ensure that the managers are as updated as possible. This is serious work that needs serious minds. This being the way to follow the business will always gain more money as expected.

The Benefits of Choosing a Human Hair Wig

There are many reasons a woman might choose to wear a wig and, if you find the right one, it could completely revolutionize your life. Increasing your confidence levels, saving you time, and saving you money, the right wig is a wonderful gift. But how do you know which wig is right for you? And should you opt for a synthetic wig or a human hair wig uk? Here are just some of the benefits of opting for a human hair wig to help you make up your mind:

Create a Natural Look

Whilst modern synthetic wigs have evolved considerably, and now look more realistic than ever, human hair wigs will always look more realistic because, well, they are constructed from real human hair. This means that human hair wigs are smoother and glossier than their synthetic counterparts. If you are wearing a wig as a result of hair loss and don’t want others to know that you are wearing a wig then opting for a human hair wig will be your best choice. Colour match it to your natural hair colour, and it will simply look like a glossier, more improved version of your own hair: like you’ve just stepped out of the salon, every day.

Human hair wigs also feel more natural than their synthetic counterparts, which is important if you want your wig to be touchable: synthetic wigs tend to feel harder and dryer than natural hair.

Style as You Please

If you enjoy experimenting with your hair and mixing up your styles then a human hair wig is certainly the right choice for you. Synthetic wigs cannot be styled differently from the initial look that you buy: this is ideal if you just want something you can put on and go every day, but if you want to try new styles and get bored of the same out thing then you definitely need a human hair wig. Human hair can be heat treated in a way that synthetic hair can’t: this means you can change your hair as often as your mood, curling it or straightening it to suit your outfit and the occasion.

If you like to wear your hair up as well as down then opt for a lace front human hair wig. These are the most realistic human hair wigs on the market, and you will be able to wear your hair up or down because your wig will look just like your own hair from every angle. Ideal fo the versatile fashionista that doesn’t want to stick to the same style every day.

Long Lasting

There’s no denying that the initial outlay for purchasing a human hair wig is much higher than the cost of purchasing a synthetic wig. This is because synthetic wigs are easy to mass produce in a factory, whilst human hair wigs rely on the support of a hair donor who deserves to be well compensated for their work and effort. However if we consider the cost per wear you will get from your human hair wig, the cost is surprisingly similar. This is because human hair wigs tend to last considerably longer than synthetic wigs. If you look after your human hair wig and treat it properly it could last for up to five years. By contrast, the average lifespan of a synthetic wig is 12 months, and some cheaper synthetic wigs even need to be replaced every six months because they begin to look tired and unnatural.

A human hair wig is a long-term investment, so it should be an investment you take seriously. It’s important to really think about choosing a style that will suit you and one that is timeless: that will look just as good on you in five years’ time as it does today. Because a human hair wig is such a big financial investment, wearers tend to take more time over choosing their wig and therefore are more likely to pick a style that really suits them. This is another reason why human hair wig wearers so often tend to look better than synthetic ones. Whatever kind of wig you choose, it’s important to take the time to consider the pros and cons of all the options available to you before you make your decision, to ensure that, when you’re wig arrives, it’s the perfect wig for you.

5 Halloween Makeup Tips

Whether you’re trying to achieve a spooky look or glam up your outfit, Halloween makeup is one of the best ways to add some extra flair to your look. You don’t need to be a professional to achieve a great finish, so here are 5 tips that will help you achieve the look you want with some of your everyday makeup items.

Base Layer

Halloween makeup looks tend to include heavy makeup application, so a base layer will help your makeup go on a lot smoother and stay in place for longer. Instead of paying for an expensive Halloween makeup base, you can just use your regular day-to-day foundation. If you are wanting to cover your face with a different colour, such as green or white for example, the foundation will help it sit better and come off a lot easier. If you’re trying to achieve a pale look then use a foundation that is a few shades lighter than your normal choice.


Before you colour anything in on your face, make sure you outline it correctly. If you realise that it isn’t going to work, it’ll be easier to take off what you have done so far. Instead of using specialist makeup pencils, try using coloured eyeliner as they smudge a lot less and stay put for longer. You’ll be able to find some for a lot cheaper in supermarkets – there’s no need to use a big brand.

glitter makeup


On Halloween, your eye makeup is key to pulling off your whole costume. When you are applying your makeup, be sure to focus on your eyes as this is usually the first place that people look. Take extra time to apply makeup in your eye area and, if they suit your costume, you can ever use temporary coloured contacts to really make your outfit stand out.

If your outfit is a fairy or other mythical creature, then there are plenty of eye makeup ideas that you can use. All you need is colour, glitter makeup and a few crystals around your eye area.

Fake Blood

Fake blood is key to pretty much every Halloween outfit if you are trying to make it scary. If you’re going for a gory look, make your own fake blood. The ones you can buy in stores can sometimes not be suitable for use on skin and can cause staining. If you have children, then this is a much easier and safer solution.

To make your own fake blood, just mix three parts corn syrup with one part water and slowly add in food colouring until you achieve the look you want. If you are wanting to achieve a darker tone, add in some chocolate syrup. To make it into a thicker mixture, slowly mix in cornstarch until you get your desired consistency. Whilst this mixture may seem sticky at first, it will help to stay put and last longer.

Set Your Look

To make sure that your makeup stays put all night, be sure to set it with a light dusting of face powder. If you don’t want it to stand out too much, try translucent powder from your regular makeup stash. If you want to achieve a matte look, use a light dusting of baby powder instead. Unless you’re trying to look like a vampire, be careful not to use too much. If you want to add some little extra touches to your look, like some Halloween glitter or neck and hand makeup, then this is the time to apply it. Cover these areas once you have your costume on so that you know where you need to cover.

How Should You Choose the Benefit Makeup for All Skin Types?

The right cosmetic products for skin type is important to make a fresh natural appearance as well as to avoid reactions issues such as painful skin eruptions, breakouts and weeping with blackheads or whiteheads, or allergies with resulting itching and rashes. Each skin type has its own characteristics which must be considered when picking appropriate cosmetics. If you’ve been disappointed when your eye shadow slides and creases before lunch or your own foundation appears caked and lined, understanding the characteristics of your skin and buying appropriate cosmetic products for your skin type is worth it! Here are some tips to help you obtain the benefit makeup for all skin types.

cosmetic products for skin type

Avoid Cosmetics That Irritate or Dry Your Skin.

Each skin type will respond differently to the various forms of cosmetics. Even if a particular brand works for your eyeshadow, the same product may not work for lipstick. This is due to the skin type on your eyelids may be different from the skin type on your lips. When you’re picking cosmetics such as foundation, avoid drying products that trigger your skin to break out. Unfortunately, you might have to try several products to determine those that suit your skin steadily.

Another issue which must be considered is that your skin may build up reactions to specific cosmetics which didn’t previously cause skin irritation; hence, you may be pushed to find an alternative to a tested brand which worked well in the past. Skin characteristics may change drastically in the long run as well, forcing a change in the type of cosmetics which you buy.

Think About Your Skin Tone When Buying Cosmetics.

Even if specific types of cosmetics are just right for your skin, picking the wrong colors – one which is either too dark or too light – will make the cosmetics less attractive. Buy products that complement and blend with your skin tone. As the result, minor imperfections in skin texture and tone will fade. Deeper colors for eyeliner and eye shadow, darker foundations will be best suited for those with olive or chocolate skin tones.

On the other hand, if you have a pale skin, you need to choose lighter shades of eye makeup and foundation. Cosmetics should enhance, never overpower the skin tones.

Invest in High-Quality Cosmetic Products.

High-quality products often tend to get expensive, but it proves on your skin. Other cheaper cosmetics can slide on your skin and isn’t likely to blend. It’s more likely to sit on the surface, giving the plastic and awkward look. Search for high-quality products that aren’t necessarily expensive. It’s more comfortable to invest in yourself thru purchasing high-quality cosmetics that you know blends with your skin type.

If you’re the prey of dry skin, don’t worry! You should be able to find crème or mousse type foundation. If you use a concealer, make sure it’s cream based and your compact powder has to be pressed compact powder. You need to avoid oil-free or loose powder formulas as they’ll tend to rest on the fine lines of your face.

Consider Extending Your Lashes to Enhance Your Existing Beauty

You are already beautiful without a single spot of makeup on your face but there are certainly ways to bring out those gorgeous features without the need for complex or costly makeup options. Eyelash extensions are one such option that will not hide any of your features but rather bring attention to those you wish to show off the most: your eyes. You deserve the opportunity to see your eyes stand out in the very best way but some people find the idea of using extensions a bit intimidating, making it helpful to learn just why these are preferred over the use of mascara.

Lashes to Enhance Your Existing Beauty

No Smearing or Running

Even “waterproof” mascara may clump, smear, or otherwise spread out from your eyes to create a false dark shadow appearance and this will not only make you appear tired and less healthy but may be difficult to remove at the end of the day. Eyelash extensions from will never smear or cause any of these symptoms because they are not made up of loose liquid or gel. These physical extensions remain firmly in place with the use of a gentle adhesive designed to hold onto human skin without causing irritation or trouble, which is perfect when you have a long night of fun to enjoy with your friends during a hen’s night, for example.

Variety of Options

You may choose from a number of lengths, styles, and more to ensure that you get the perfect look to suit your tastes and this is absolutely all you need to complete an otherwise near-perfect look after spending time in front of the mirror. These extensions may be bold and demanding of attention or subtle and designed only to bring out the colour and beauty of your irises; whatever the choice you make, the results are sure to be spectacular without exception. These also come in a variety of materials, such as real human hair, plastic, and even mink, and choosing the right material will ensure that you do not experience any irritations unique to your physicality such as an allergy.

Strengthen Your Actual Eyelashes

It may come as a surprise to learn that extensions actually help to strengthen your eyelashes over time by helping you to avoid the damaging ingredients in many types of mascara. Simply by eliminating the need to use this product, you dramatically improve the beauty and quality of your natural lashes over time so that perhaps you will not always require the help of an extension or, at the very least, you get to enjoy a smaller extension. Mascara will weaken your lashes over time, causing them to become brittle and more likely to fall out early, leaving you with the chance of having no eyelashes at all of your own.

Extensions may be worn for long periods of time as long as your skin is not irritated by the use of adhesive for so long and there are a number of adhesive types to suit your individual needs. Your extensions will dramatically improve the beauty of your eyes while allowing you to avoid the frustration of applying layer after layer of mascara just to receive the same effect.

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