Check this guide when buying winter doona

Check this guide when buying winter doona

When the temperature drops, nothing is better than wrapping yourself under the winter doona given you have the appropriate blankets. With no insufficiency of bed linen fabrics, types, sets, materials, colors, and feels, arranging your bedroom is exciting as it is daunting, especially once you’re searching to prepare the kit for the winter months. Having a great night’s sleep is priceless, it aids in creating a happy home and a healthy life. Part of that good night’s sleep is cuddling up under a comfortable quilt or doona.

While you may have the fabrics, vibe, and colors sorted for your bedroom, there’s a space that you won’t like to skip over, the doona. It is arguably the most vital piece of bed linen during winter months. Searching for a doona, quilt, or duvet can be challenging, if you like to have a new one, you prefer to know what will suit your needs. This is to ensure you’re cozy and comfortable every night, there are some vital elements to consider before choosing a doona or quilt for you.

Factors you must consider when looking for a quilt or doona

Doona is available in a  wide selection of sizes and materials. You can check different insert types to set off different preferences and needs. A doona is a flat bag bedding that is a heavy type that is used as the top layer of your bed to keep you warm. It comes in different sizes, types, and fills including silk, feathers, wool, down, or a synthetic alternative. Below are some of the factors to consider when buying a doona.

winter doona


  • Like your linen and mattress, you need to ensure you’re getting the appropriate size doona for your bed. Choosing too big may mean you have to spend more than you need and going too small can cause one side of the bed chilly at night.


  • When it comes to sleeping, each has their preferences, that’s why mattresses and pillows are available in different firmness fills and levels. As a result, searching for a filling that’s relaxing to sleep under is one of the most necessary areas to consider. The climate also plays a huge role in your choices of filling, as those areas which have colder climates need to have a heavier filling for extra warmth and comfort.


  • Like any purchase, the price tag can also be the main deciding factor in buying the doona. Yet, you have to consider as well if you’re buying something that will aid you to keep warm, having a better night’s sleep is worth it.


  • When looking for a doona, you need to check if it can last, especially if you like to have a fluffy doona.
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