Chill Hens Party Ideas for Introvert Brides

Chill Hens Party Ideas for Introvert Brides

A hens party can be lots of fun, but it can also be lots of stress. Planning an epic bachelorette party can get to any bride. But an introvert bride has a lot on her plate. Here we’ve shared some cool hens party ideas for a self-proclaimed introvert bride who just wants to chill with her besties on the last night of freedom.

Ask! Ask! Ask!

Surprises bring loads of smile to any face, but for an introvert bride, they are a big no-no! So, when planning a hens party for an introvert bride, ask her for specifics. Respect her feelings and make sure that the things she dislikes are left out of your plan.

Focus on Her Interests

Find out the favourite movie, place, or game of the bride, and try to incorporate little features and ideas from her favourites to make her enjoy the day. If she loves board games, then go for it. But, don’t miss out to add funky hens night accessories at the party to add more life to the event.


Arrange a camping trip with your girls to spend a day or two in nature. This helps you to relieve the stress of the wedding and brings some peace into a time of hectic schedules. Is camping not the bride’s favourite? Replace it with glamping at the bride’s or one of the girls outdoors to have a great party night. Play some fun hens games to set the mood for the party.

Spa Day

Book a spa day for your bride to allow her to relax with her girls before her big day. Showering her some much-needed pampering makes her feel like a queen and gives her an opportunity to unwind.


A sleepover for a bride and her team is totally classic and fun. From watching movies to playing hens games, there are many fun activities that you can do in the comfort of the bride’s home. If your bride is an introvert, she is going to love this for sure.

A Cooking Class

Taking a cooking class with the bride tribe can be great fun and gives an opportunity for the bride to learn something that will come in handy at some point in her life. You can also chit-chat with your friends while learning a new skill.

Dinner and Movie

Plan a date night for the bride and her girls to go easy on the wedding preparations. This is the perfect idea for a break before the big day. So, compile a list of movies she would love to watch, research some restaurants, and let the bride decide. While heading out for dinner or movies, make her and the team wear bridal party sashes to make them stand out from the crowd.

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