Choose The Best For Your Eyes, Use Orthokeratology Lenses Singapore

Choose The Best For Your Eyes, Use Orthokeratology Lenses Singapore

The health of your eyes is crucial to your entire well-being. The majority of people observe and comprehend the world around them through their eyes. However, because some eye issues can lead to vision loss, detecting and treating eye problems as soon as possible is crucial. If you detect any abnormality in your eyes or any symptoms related to it, always be sure to get them evaluated by a medical professional. It’s just as important to keep your eyes healthy as it is to keep your body healthy. Everyone should have their eyesight checked to rule out any vision or eye problems. Vision screening is routinely performed during a child’s checkup at school or a health care provider’s office. Numerous disorders affect the eyes, and several remedies are available for many of them. Orthokeratology is one such ailment that may be treated with the best orthokeratology lenses singapore has to offer.

What is meant by orthokeratology?

Orthokeratology, often known as ortho-k, is the temporary reshaping of the cornea with custom-made and fitted contact lenses to improve vision. It’s like having braces for your teeth, and the treatment is often compared to dental braces. Ortho-k lenses are most commonly used at night to reshape the front surface of the eye. Vision improvements are reversible, though. If lenses are used as instructed, they can be maintained for a long time. Ortho-k contact lenses are mostly used to cure nearsightedness (myopia). This visual impairment may usually be corrected with eyeglasses, regular contact lenses, LASIK, or PRK. Orthokeratology is a non-surgical option for some people who desire to get rid of their glasses and avoid wearing contact lenses all the time. It’s also critical to choose good-quality orthokeratology lenses for the greatest results.

How does it work?

The cornea, a transparent, dome-shaped window at the front of your eye that focuses light onto the retina and is responsible for the bulk of your eye’s focusing skills, is a transparent, dome-shaped window that focuses light onto the retina. Its tissue is very malleable. Your ophthalmologist will use a corneal topographer to map and measure the surface of your cornea and then create a lens specifically for your eye. The cornea map is made by bouncing light off the eye’s surface. There is no discomfort, and the machine does not touch your eye. The corneal topography map depicts the form and curvature of your cornea to your ophthalmologist. Getting the best orthokeratology lenses singapore will also improve your chances of getting better quickly.


Overall, everyone should look after their eyes since they are the windows to the soul. However, if you encounter any sickness, see a doctor right away and receive the proper treatment before it worsens.

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