The right combination:

          The watches are a very important accessory that is worn even today after the mobile phone is added with the watch application so that you may know the time. However the attraction that the watch gives or offers is still felt. It goes to tell that the watch has a dual purpose where on the one hand you wear it for the time and on the other for the luxurious appeal that it carries. This is like a piece of jewelry that you may use for knowing the time. Such is the combination that the Davena brand of watches offer the customers. Picking one from the range of models is quite difficult as you would never feel like settling for a single piece. The shimmering crystals would enamor anyone who is decided never to wear a luxury brand. The pieces are available on the webpage and the prices are reasonable for a piece of watch that could easily be taken for jewelry with all the crystals that are added in.

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Best choice:

  • If there is one watch that you would like to own that you need to choose the one which you can wear for a lifetime.
  • The watches made at this brand have all the characteristics of a luxury brand as it can be seen how the mechanism works in some of the models, the mechanism is kept open and it is quite a masterpiece to look at.
  • Some of the models do not reveal the mechanism and yet they are quite appealing in terms of the colors, the shape of the different pieces, the strap and the lock all of which are made with a lot of thought and attention.
  • The watches come in different sizes that can be fitted for both men and women. However there are the small dials and the large dials and the choice is left to the customer.
  • The colors included are bright greens, red, rose gold the most wanted color and other classical colors like steel and black.
  • The watches are made of metal as well as other synthetic materials and they look equally elegant and they do make a impression in your mind.
  • The models are so innovative in terms of their design and also in the way they are embellished. Each of the models is given a code name like the dark knight, princess and many others. The new releases of the watches are also displayed on the web store.
  • They are shipped free of cost all over the globe and they carry a two year warranty which is a very welcome feature of the Davena brand of watches.

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