Choosing a spring hat to match your style

Choosing a spring hat to match your style

Spring brings about changes in temperature and with it also changes in your wardrobe. Changing your wardrobe to clothes that are appropriate for the season is not only done for practical purposes. It is also a perfect occasion to reinvent your style or show off your style in a different way. Some clothing items or accessories can be worn in one season but cannot be worn in another season (you can wear a coat in winter or autumn, but not in summer). Other items can be worn in every season, for example, hats (if they are made from appropriate materials, of course). Now that it’s spring, it’s time to swap your warm winter hat for a lighter one. What you choose depends on your style.

Flat cap for casual style

The flat cap is the perfect spring accessory for a cool casual spring look. You can choose one made from wool or tweed if you live in a cooler climate or one made from linen or cotton. For both men and women, it’s the perfect accessory to top off a laid-back T-shirt layered with an unbuttoned shirt or jacket, a pair of jeans or shorts, and a pair of sneakers. The flat cap adds more to this look than a baseball cap would. If you prefer a more dressy casual look, then the flat cap will do justice to your style.  If you need a flat cap to top off your fancy casual look, you can find an extensive selection of Irish flat caps here. For a man, flat caps the perfect accessory to top an outfit made of a blazer and a pair of leather shoes. For a woman, a flat cap would perfectly match a tweed or linen skirt and a nice blouse.

Floppy hat for a classic style

The floppy hat is truly a feminine classic. It has a vintage charm to it, but it can also be easily adapted to a more modern look. If you are a fan of the vintage style, the floppy hat will go perfectly with a pantsuit, a flowy dress, or a pair of flared jeans with a flowy top. For a more modern look, you can wear it with a mini dress, a tunic, or a pair of laced shorts. No matter what you choose to wear it with, this accessory will exude confidence, femininity, and elegance. It is the perfect stylish finish for your favorite spring outfit.

Bucket hat for street wear style

Bucket hats are in this season. Their popularity lies in their easy-going look which is especially appealing for the younger generation or for those young in spirit. The bucket hat is the perfect hat to top off a streetwear look thanks to its late 90’s, early 2000’s vibe. It will go just great with a pair of mom jeans, a pair of ripped jeans, an oversized shirt or jacket, or a hoodie. For a more quirky and feminine look, you can try wearing a floral or a crocheted bucket hat. It’s a great accessory because it exudes a sense of levity and nonchalance that is so appealing for many of us.

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