Choosing Sunglasses Online | Sunglasses Sizing Guide

Choosing Sunglasses Online | Sunglasses Sizing Guide

Not every person has the face shape for every sunglasses type there is. There are generally seven types of faces – oval, square, round, heart, diamond, pear, and oblong. Based on this, you need to know which type of glasses are best for you.See more about them here.

As you can see, to determine which size of glasses are the best for you, you must find out what face type you are. In this article, we’ll tell you how to find out about both. Follow if you want to know how to know these things!

How to find out the shape of your face?

What you need is a good look in the mirror. The face shapes are named after the look of your face. For example, if your face is obviously round, then you’re a round shape. But, if your face has more height than width, then your face is oval.

The same goes for the rest of the geometrical figures. If your hair in the middle of the forehead is obviously forming a heart of your face, then you’re a heart shape.

Still, when choosing the size of the frames of the glasses, you’ll need a little more measurements. You will need to use a ruler to find out in more detail how big your dimensions are and what size of glasses you actually need.

How to find the right size of glasses?

Even though most people think that this is just a piece of cake, finding the right glasses for you can be a true science. Instead of guessing what’s best for you, try using science instead.

All glasses are divided into several measuring categories. Eye width, bridge dimension, height, and temple length. These are what every glasses are made of.

The common eye width number is 54 millimeters or 2.12 inches. It can go from 40 to 63 depending on the person. The bridge default number is 20. It ranges from 14 to 24. The temple can go from 12 to 150 and is usually 145, while the height mainly depends on the type of glasses. See more about sizes here:

What is the best type for me?


If you’re square shape, then you should be looking for glasses that are going to be round. Basically, the type of glasses you’re about to choose should be breaking the shape you already have. If the face has strong sharp lines, you need something that will be the opposite of that.


Just as we mentioned above, you need to choose something that will be the opposite of what you already have. If you’re rounded, choose an option that will be more squared. Find frames that will be longer and with less height. They will fit perfectly on your round face making you look amazing.


The oval face is specific. Most people think that the round and the oval shape are similar so they require similar frame types. They are wrong! The oval type needs also frames that will not have sharp edges. They need round frames, not sharp rectangular, and ovals.


The heart shape is the one that carries perfectly the aviator type of frames. Because of their lines who are sharper in the forehead and smaller in the chin, the aviator frames will bring focus to the lower part of the head which makes them look perfect.


It goes the same for this one as we mentioned about all the other examples. The diamond-type has sharp edges so you need something roundish that will break the seriousness. Try oval frames that will contrast with the lines of your face.


These are the main points you need to know when choosing new glasses for you. There’s a lot more for choosing the best frames. You can look up even more information online about it. More pages and companies have their own sunglasses guide that you can check out when choosing.

Finally, you shouldn’t go blindfolded when choosing new frames for you. You need to have particular information about the details of your head and the types of frames. The size is also important as you can’t get something oversized if you have a relatively small face.

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