Confectionery Trends For 2021: Bringing Endless Happiness

Confectionery Trends For 2021: Bringing Endless Happiness

The current global crisis affected the way people eat and drink. It had a profound impact on trend predictions. People now prefer to cook and eat at home for their safety. They turn to daily meals and gourmet treats for psychological and physical needs. Most, if not all, people are prioritizing their well-being. As a result, the bakery and gourmet industry keep on experimenting. It is crucial to come up with wholesome flavors and ingredients to appeal to consumers. Many people are keen on replicating restaurant experiences at home. They expect more wholesome gourmet condiments, cocktail mixes, and cooking sauces. These include smoked watermelon and maple sauce, ashwagandha, sea salt, and frozen yogurts.

Consumers are now more educated when it comes to food including confectionery. Elaborate and blended flavors are what the year 2020 was all about. Expect 2021 to perceive some of these trends in a grander way. Presentable plated food and desserts will no longer be a surprise.


Clean labeling

Although this has been a focus for some time now, it will be greater in 2021. Manufacturers are starting to remove sugar or additives. They aim to create a more wholesome product. Consumers used to care only about which ingredients are on the label. Today, they also want to understand the source and impact of those on the list. This trend has become stronger this year. One-third of consumers are now more concerned about sustainability than before the pandemic. People will demand even greater transparency in 2021. They will most likely become drawn to ingredients with strong origin stories. Those with sustainability credentials will also be a big hit.

The biggest punch

Consumers are now careful when considering each ingredient in a product. Because of this, manufacturers select ingredients that pack the biggest punch. They choose the best when it comes to taste, texture, and health. Cocoa ingredients are among those that will exceed customer expectations. They keep the formulations of developers simple. These ingredients provide natural color and flavor to snacks. Not only that, but they also boost the health credentials of a product. Cocoa offers many natural benefits and it reduces the need for any coloring or flavoring. People are getting more and more interested in the health benefits of cocoa. Packed with fiber, minerals, and antioxidants, manufacturers focus on cocoa a lot now.


The public is more into fully-traceable and segregated ingredients. They want an authentic story of the roots of the ingredients. These are factors to the growing trend in single-origin cocoa. Chocolate launches claiming a single-origin increased by 25% since 2015. Manufacturers put cocoa and its origin story as front and center of new product development. As a result, this percentage will increase more this year. People expect 2021 to shine a light on the individual building blocks of any given product.

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