Customizable bags just for you

Customizable bags just for you

People are usually looking for new and innovative ways to carry their luggage with them. This usually means creating new bags that give people convenience and ease when carrying their luggage. Most of the time, people, especially students and professionals, have a hard time carrying everything they need in one bag, “why not just get a bigger bag then?”, well of course you can do that but bigger bags mean you have to carry heavier bags as well, bigger doesn’t always mean better.

With this concern in mind, the people behind Zuca bags might have just developed a unique solution to that problem. They have developed a unique way for people to be able to carry their stuff with relative ease, regardless if it is heavy or not. The innovative bag is mainly composed of two primary parts, the “insert” which is the bag itself, and the frame in which the insert is to be placed. The frame has wheels attached to the bottom so you can push or pull your luggage with ease, whether it is heavy or not.

Functionality and form all in one package 

The uniqueness of these bags is probably one of its big selling points. It gives the people an alternative and convenient way to carry their luggage without having the need of trolleys and such. The simple yet effective application intended by the bags make it very useful to people who struggle with their luggage every day. You can carry as much load you can fit inside the bag without really having to worry much if you can carry the bag. An added feature of the bag is that it can double as a seat whenever for some reason you find yourself lacking a chair and want to sit down. 

Design choices 

Of course, people who buy bags also consider the designs. They usually pick out the bags that have designs that suit them or they find nice. With the Zuca bags, you won’t have any shortage of designs since they have over a hundred different designs provided for their inserts as well as 8 various colours for the frames, which you can mix and match to your liking of course. This gives you more than a thousand options to choose from in terms of design and how the overall look of the bag will be. Mix and match the design and colours that best suit you.

Changing inserts? No problem. 

Of course there will come a time where you might want to change the design of the insert or the frame; you can actually do so without buying a whole new set. The parts of the bag are usually sold separately so if ever you find yourself wanting to change insert designs, you can simply buy a new insert, the same goes for frames as well, and as far as replacement parts go, you can also buy them separately too. If in any case you find the need to replace the wheel or wheels of your frame, you can easily do so by just buying the wheels that you need instead of buying a whole new frame, just so you can have brand new wheels.

These bags from Zuca are proof that you can combine form and function into one unique, convenient and very functional product that gives you free reign over the end look of the bag. It gives people an efficient way to carry their luggage as well as a bag that can also define their character as a person.


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