Dress Up Tips for a Summer Party

Dress Up Tips for a Summer Party

Summer heat differs from the crispiness of fall or the sharp drop in temperatures in the winter. The weather makes it necessary to show up beautifully put together with a significantly less amount of clothes to work with than in the winter. Despite this, it is essential to look your best. The thermometer may read 1000℉, and you only have one time to make a first impression. When the weather is gorgeous, it usually translates into a less dangerous code of dress. That flexibility may create a bit of confusion when trying to decide on the appropriate dress code for a summer event. The overall goal of this article is to help you figure out how to dress up for a summer party. Let’s move forward in ousting pre-party nerves concerning outfit choices.

When concluding attire, it’s important to reference what type of event you will be attending. If you are getting the right dress to wear to a family reunion, a picnic, fireworks show, brunch, formal dinner or outdoor summer party, you will be glad that you found this article that will serve as a guide to all of your questions. Let’s dive in. 

Different Levels of Casual 

Casual usually implies almost anything goes which includes skinny jeans, shorts, open toe sandals, sneakers and so on. The host of the event will indicate if the attires needs to be dressed up a bit and if this is the case keep reading because we will discuss dressy casual next. 

Dressy Casual is the next step to casual. It can include dressy slacks, jeans with a nice blazer and heels, a pencil skirt with a nice silk button down. 


Seeing festive in an invitation can serve to be confusing. Trying to decide what your host means when they request you and a guest to come attired in festive garb is enough to make your head spin. Let us help you demystify that. Festive is usually put in invitations around the holiday season, and it means that the attire is semi-formal. Semi-Formal for ladies in evening wear could be a beautiful shirt with sparkles, glitter or a small hint of bling, paired with dark colored pants or a little black dress with a nice pair of heels. If the semi-formal event is happening in the daytime, the missus could dress it up by wearing a beautiful dressy sundress with a flat sandal or open-toed sandals with a nice heel. The heel isn’t required though.

BI Formal calls

Calls for a custom fit suit or dress. Which would still be considered appropriate for work, for us ladies, this means nothing too tight, short or revealing. See-through, mini-skirts and halter tops are out the window, and a little black dress is again the perfect attire for business formal, paired with the perfect clutch and black stilettos.

Let’s move on to the fun stuff a Black Tie Affair suggest formal wear. An alluring cocktail dress, little black dress, a long elegant evening gown or ball gown can all be worn to a black-tie event. Invitations may also include such instructions as the southwestern black tie, resort formal, after six attire, cocktail dress, beach, etc. When we think of summer, we think of fun, sun and a good happy time. Trendy, modern, comfortable and fashionable, maybe you are a fashionista perhaps you aren’t. Don’t shy away from what makes you; YOU. In all of our fashion tips just remember to stay true to your personal style and preferences.

Now that you have a tremendous example of what is expected of summer wear let’s bring it all together. Choices for patterns, designs, prints, and styles are endless. Personality, body shape, and height need to be considered.

If the summer party that you’ve been invited to is held in the morning bright, vivacious colors with broad backs and deeper a high neck. A high hemline can be sexy, or a flowy maxi summer dress with vibrant prints and bright colors are perfect for a morning occasion. If the event is a wedding; light colors work wonderfully pastel greens, pink, blue, yellow, peach, mauve, cream, and periwinkle are just a few colors to choose from.

Accessories, accessories, accessories! Earrings, bangles, watch, shoes, clutch, purse, hats, rings and the list goes on. So many things to choose from to jazz up the perfect outfit and remember the accessories are to compliment your outfit. They should never be so overbearing that it competes with your gear.

As you can see; summer theme parties can prove to be tricky depending on the dress code but, tricky doesn’t mean impossible. It’s nice to be dressy but, not overdressed. If you are overdressed, you will be nervous and feel uncomfortable for the entire night likewise, if you are too casual then you will be equally aware of your mishap. I hope with the guide we have helped you understand how to conquer the many questions that come with trying to know how to be dressy in the summer.

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