Feed in braids: origin, description and types

Feed in braids: origin, description and types

Women across globe wear confidence in their locks. Beautiful, strong and thick hair is the symbol of feminism and strength. Braids are well known hairstyle around the world to keep hair well maintained, neat and protect it from harsh environment. Methods to braid vary from countries to places. In some place if braids are done for beautification, other countries embrace braids as epitome of confidence and strength. Techniques and methods to braid locks also vary from place to place. There are beautiful, simple and easy to make braids to the very complicated, crimp and stylish hair do. Feed in braids are well known and most preferred braids. Even though they look complicated, these hairstyles are quite simple and easy to do that sometimes people do it by their own without actually having to go to hair stylist or salon. There are lots of varieties and combinations when it comes to feed braids.

The story about the origin of feed braids:

Many of you know what cornrows hair styles are? Feed braids are quite similar to cornrows; originally these hairstyles were worn by people of Africa as a protest during the black power movement which are now popular hairstyle to keep their fuzzy thick hair neat and protective. However gradually, feed braids are now also popular and considered as one of the most happening and cool hairstyles so far.

How to do feed braids and what’s the hype about it?

On a serious note feed braids are not just any other braids; it’s a blend of technicality and artistic skill. Yes, you heard it right! For any beginners who like to try a hand on this hairstyle, one utmost advise would be not to try at home, rather visit hairstylist for a perfect feed braid. But of course, with repeated training with a pinch of skill to it will definitely help you master the skill without any difficulty. Feed braids like the name suggest is a method by which the hair acquires length naturally by “feeding in” thick hair strands together while creating cornrow. Sometimes synthetic hair strands are added while doing cornrows to add more volume and length. But the hairstyle looks absolutely natural and looks superb for all casual occasions. Feed in braids require low maintenance as they don’t get detangled or disturbed for weeks together. Unlike other hairstyle that have defined look, shape and length, feed braid comes in different forms, style, length and size. You can choose the hairstyle according to your hair pattern and length and the kind of style you like the most. Feed braids come in jumbo, large and medium depending upon the length of your hair. But you can add or feed-in more to get length of you desire such as armpit length, classic length, collarbone length, mid back length, neck and shoulder length. There are different hairstyles in feed braids itself such as Goddess braid, stitch braid, flat twist braid and many more. Hairstyle in women is not just a matter of beauty, a beautiful, long and strong hair and a proper hairstyle is a symbol of women strength and dignity.

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