Finding The Right Repairer For Your Sewing Machine

Finding The Right Repairer For Your Sewing Machine

Many people love wearing readymade clothes while a large section of the society prefers nice clothing stitched by the wise tailors that use Bernina sewing machines or other brands. Passage of time affects everything including sewing machines. Necessary repairs need to be made for setting aright the defects of these machines that resume normal working after proper servicing.

Bernina sewing machines

Those needing repairs or servicing to their sewing machines should see that the repairers should ensure:

Eliminate dust and fluff – First of all, it should be seen that fluff and dust etc is fully removed. It usually gets accumulated in between the feed dogs that must be cleaned perfectly. Just remove the needle, needle-plate and the foot for good cleaning. Candidly, each and every part of Bernina sewing machines or other makes is equally important and must be freed from dust accumulation.

Bobbin check – This integral part of the machine may be examined well by sliding away from the plate that falls next to the needle plate. Modern front-loading machines involve accessing the bobbin from the front. Candidly, different sewing machines have different paths to access the bobbin that should be given a thorough check for ease of stitching.

Remove dryness – It is observed that many tailors and housewives using sewing machines forget to lubricate them or take them to the repairers for the same. Dried machines start giving troubles and many a time their delicate parts may get damaged. As such perfect and timely lubrication is a must.

Checking the tension – Wrong bobbing tensions may result in broken or snagged thread and consequently poor results. So this aspect needs proper care and through check. It can be done by fitting a bobbin thread to the bobbin case and threading it under the tension spring, followed by suspending the same by the thread. See that it suffices for supporting the bobbin case and weight.

Check the bobbin winder – This part also needs the perfect check for trouble-free stitching.

Check the electrics – It is wise to unplug the machine before examining the electrics. Do see that the foot pedal works smoothly for which perfect lubrication is a must. Electronic speed control just like the dimmer switches in the modern machines should be double checked as far as electrics are concerned. Avoid using the sewing machine oil and prefer light lubricating liquids instead. Use of grease is good. But remember to keep a big distance between the electrical contacts and grease or oils otherwise chances of sparking and fire could arise.

Time check – Those in the market for repairs to their sewing machines should see that perfect timing with regard to the overall functioning of the machine is ensured. Each part including needles and bobbin etc should function in perfect and responsive manners.

Intricacies related to sewing machines can be understood well by understanding these tools of stitching with the special focus on their maintenance. Be wise to contact Bernina sewing machines or other world famous companies to buy/service or repair the stitching devices.

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