Frequently Asked Questions About Sports Eye wear

Frequently Asked Questions About Sports Eye wear

If you have an active lifestyle, it is important that you protect your eyes from any condition through sunglasses. Whether you want rudy project sunglasses or typical glasses, your goal here is to find a comfortable fit and suitable tint. This is easier said than done. The world of sunglasses is overwhelming that sometimes you will get confused.

To get rid of confusions and doubts, here are the answers to frequently asked questions about sports eyewear:

What is best for your favorite sport?

When you check eyeglasses online for sports eyewear, you will come across different protection levels. Here are the different protection levels you should know about:

  • Category 0: the light absorption is anywhere from 0 to 20%. This is ideal for protection against wind or insect.
  • Category 1: the light absorption is anywhere from 20 to 57%. This is ideal for some sunshine and cloudy skies.
  • Category 2: the light absorption is anywhere from 57 to 82%. This is ideal during summer or for normal sunlight.
  • Category 3: the light absorption is anywhere from 82 to 92%. This is ideal if you spend time at the beach or mountain. This is also best for winter sports.
  • Category 4: the light absorption is anywhere from 92 to 97%. This is ideal if you are in the desert or water. This is also suitable for light conditions, especially on a glacier. However, this is not best for driving.

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What is crucial when choosing lenses and frames for your sports eyewear?

You must know that the crucial thing to consider when choosing lens and frames is material. Keep in mind that injuries during play can cause severe eye injury but with sports eyewear, it can reduce the infliction.

Although the type of sports will determine the best eyewear for you, the principle is the same – you should look for durable, lightweight and comfortable-fit eyeglasses. Remember to ensure that the glasses are close enough to your eyes so no stray light can get through. Finally, the eyelashes should not touch the lenses.

How about the available tint?

You should understand that tints reduce the intensity of the light that hits the eye. Color sensitivity varies from one person to another and each will perceive the tint differently. With this, you have to choose the right tint. Whatever tint you choose, you should make sure that it is not too dark. The color and intensity should fit the sport.

What are the coatings?

In the case of sports eyewear, they tend to be more exposed to damage because it undergoes a lot more wear and tear compared to corrective eyeglasses. Since sports eyewear is subjected to different conditions, it is crucial that you check the material and coating.

Speaking of coating, it is an important add on.  Coatings will protect the lenses against scratches. Ideally, you should consider a hard coating, which will not only protect the lens but also effectively repel water and dirt. Although it costs money, do not compromise the state of your eyes.

Final words

Now you will be wiser when it comes to picking the right sports eyewear. If you require any special eyewear, it is crucial that you find the right optical shop to do the job. In the end, you should not underestimate the power of sports eyewear.

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