Greatest Selection Of Ring Designs & Hand-Selected Jewels w/ Gemstones

Greatest Selection Of Ring Designs & Hand-Selected Jewels w/ Gemstones

Choosing manufacturers for their retail outlets can be challenging for any jewellery dealer. It might be challenging for jewellery stores to select a reliable provider of goods that can be acquired in time before the holiday shopping season because there are many wholesalers and suppliers available, and none of them can guarantee the quality or timely delivery. To further complicate matters, wholesale market prices for goods are constantly changing, making it difficult to determine the appropriate selling price for the item.

A Grew & Co is a jewellery manufacturer with ready-to-wear engagement rings and accessories. They have a skilled team of master jewellers and craftspeople who work out in the Sydney store to create each Grew & Co piece. They take pride in creating handcrafted works of art and have experience manufacturing traditional jewellery. Each step of the production process is precise and demands a high degree of skill and execution since their goal is to build beautiful, meaningful jewellery that will last for years and future generations.

What tailor-made jewellery services do they offer?

Bring your tale to life in a genuinely one-of-a-kind work that can pass down through the generations. The hallmark of Grew & Co.’s bespoke service is creating custom jewelry for their clients. You’ll collaborate directly with an enthusiastic and knowledgeable adviser and take action in the creative process.

These jewellers may work through a dedicated initial consultation during which you can discuss your design process, the design range, and prices and browse the selection of the hand-selected diamond and coloured gemstones.

The team chooses the perfect stone for your metal and evaluates designs before selecting your dream stone from the collection. The finished product will be priced and delivered. Only a small percentage of stones match the strict requirements, and even fewer make it to the edit offered for you during your second session. It can take up to two years to compile a collection of the finest jewellery. However, the production has highly experienced staff who will start making your custom item as soon as you accept the design and secure your stone with a 50% deposit. Typically, production takes eight weeks after approval, depending on the layouts.

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What is their collection to make you inspire?

The Grew and Co’s collections have a piece that served as inspiration for our most recent items, such as :

Engagements Rings

You can choose an engagement ring representing the commitment to your loving companion and the promise of marriage. The ring’s design gives away its meaning: it is circular, without beginning or end, such as has come to represent perfection, infinity, and eternal love throughout the world. Therefore, you have the option to select an engagement ring from a variety of designs, such as :

  • By Stone Type
    • Parti or Teal Sapphire
    • White Diamond
    • Champagne or Yellow Diamond
    • Pink or Peach Sapphire
    • Ceylon Sapphire
    • Emerald
    • Grey Spinel
    • Tourmaline
  • By Stone Cut
    • Round and Brilliant Cut
    • Emerald Cut
    • Radiant Cut
    • Oval Cut
    • Pear Cut
    • Marquise-Cut
    • Hex and Lozenge Cut
    • Cushion Cut
  • Necklaces
  • Earrings
  • Bracelets
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