Guide to buying the best women’s bamboo underwear

Guide to buying the best women’s bamboo underwear

As people become more aware of the importance and consequential impacts the fashion industry is having on the environment. Many women switch to sustainable underwear ideal for them and the planet. The best kind of underwear to wear of its breathable nature to be a substitute for synthetic materials is bamboo underwear. It offers great comfort and benefits your health as well. Bamboo is naturally organic and doesn’t need chemicals to improve its growth. It is made of eco-friendly material, breathable, and soft which your skin will love.

Know why to choose bamboo underwear

There are endless reasons for choosing bamboo underwear. From its eco-friendly credentials to its soft feel.

  • It’s healthy

A great reason why a lot of people choose bamboo in undies is that it’s a healthier choice. Bamboo has antifungal and antibacterial bio-agent that makes bamboo clothing odor-resistant.

  • It’s comfortable

Silky-soft, light, and gentle on the skin, bamboo fabric is known to be a comfortable choice for underwear.

  • It’s sustainable

Bamboo fabric is also an environmentally-friendly choice. It is grown organically and without artificial irrigation, bamboo is also the flourishing woody plant in the world.

  • Hypoallergenic

This is gentler than different man-made fibers such as cotton. Bamboo is known as a natural solution perfect for natural skin.

bamboo underwear

Check out the best bamboo underwear for women

  • Hoerev Bamboo

If you like affordable high-waist bamboo underwear that is very soft, super comfortable, and lightweight, this is ideal for you. It has made a great option for those that you like to try a combination of bamboo and spandex. You get a durable and soft material from bamboo.

  • Boody Body

This is an absolute favorite because of its high-quality fabric and also a good fit. This is made out of 80% bamboo. Boody provides the best bamboo underwear for women on the market. It also has broad production choices and sizes that you can pick from. Most products are manufactured in either black or white, while some are in beige.

  • Viscose Menstrual Leakproof

This makes you safe for the whole month since Viscose leakproof underwear is leakproof during that period. It is made of 95% bamboo and can be washed in the machine. This is best for women and girls during their menstrual cycle.

  • Ham & Sam

Ham & Sam is one of the fantastic newcomers in the bamboo underwear space. It is comfortable underwear and comes in 5 packs. It is organic and made out of 63% bamboo viscose. Ham & Sam have applied 8% spandex in their bamboo underwear which makes it more stretchy. They have almost distinct heating and cooling feature that aids your body temperature to keep it normal during summer and winter. Also, these panties are good for people that have sensitive skin or those with allergies.

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