Guide to choose a rice cooker

Guide to choose a rice cooker

One of the main problems of rice is that it requires continuous control; that is to say, that we cannot leave it to his air. Otherwise, it is possible that it could happen to us, to burn, or that we take it too hard. That is why, what emerges in the market what is known as a rice cooker.

To be able to use it we will only have to add a little water, rice and press a simple button. In a very short time we will have ready what is probably the best homemade rice we have tasted in our entire life.

To help you choose a good model among all the rice cookers , we have prepared a guide that will be very good for you


You must consider that this type of pot is not only designed to make rice, but also that it is capable of making other types of very sophisticated dishes. In the same way, the capacity must be known; this way we will be able to know if it is going to  cover all the needs of the family members (both for large families, as for families of a rather small number). The capacity of rice cookers is measured in liters.


The size goes  ricechef   completely together with the capacity; In general, the bigger the rice grower, the greater the capacity. It will have to consider the space we have on the countertop. The most logical thing is that you do not keep it there permanently, if not, when we have finished with the rice, we will keep it inside the furniture.

Mode of use:

Rice cookers are a  very sophisticated tool that have electrical resistances inside; these elements will be heated and will raise the temperature to make the rice. It is interesting to know how a rice cooker works so that you know if it is an appliance that you are going to really use.


Obviously, in the same way as any element for the kitchen, the level of cleaning of the appliance is a key datum that must be evaluated. If you choose a model that is very complicated to clean, in the long run it will take a lot of time. The idea is that the rice cooker has been designed with a non-stick type of manufacturing; in this way, not only will the rice not stick to us, but cleaning will be facilitated as much as possible. We can also find some pots that have a metal material with Teflon coating, or pots of enameled material (in relation to the material that shapes its interior). The exterior may have been manufactured in different materials, such as stainless steel (the most recommended), or plastic of the highest quality. The idea is that by passing a simple rag we can get the structure to be in the best conditions

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