Guidelines on Buying Shisha Sets and Accessories

Guidelines on Buying Shisha Sets and Accessories

There is the growing popularity of hookah smoking and hookah lounges; therefore if you get your hands into wholesale hookahs, they offer tremendous value. The first step to someone who is thinking about investing in the retail sale of hookah is researching visiting shisha equipment site; It can be either dealing with a retail hookah, smoking lounge, or addition of a variety of the products in a restaurant. If you need to purchase hookah products in wholesale, it doesn’t mean you buy unattractive or cheaply designed products.

Designs of the Products

Various items are used in the making of the hookah set. The items are, for example highly gazed ceramics, cloisonné decorated brass, graceful curves of stainless steel, curved wooden pieces, hand-blown glass with glistening colors, among others. One of the attractive features of hookah smoking is its beauty and aesthetic pleasure.

Therefore wholesale hookahs appear in a wide variety of lovely and beautiful designs only surpassed by expensive customized models and features. Other make range from traditional ones from Egypt to modernize from Syria and neo-exotic interpretations of the classic hookah rotating among many others.

Considerations when selecting Hookah

There are considerations you need to look for when deciding on what to look for in a wholesale hookah. The major ones are the craftsmanship and the durability of the materials used in the sets making. The best and most preferred materials are Pyrex glass, stainless steel, stone, and ceramics.


They can be used repeatedly while continuing to provide a pleasurable smoking experience. The metals to be avoided are, for example, copper since copper is poisonous when heated. Most of the wholesale hookahs are mostly found in wood and brass or other materials though they may not stand the test of repeated use and time.

Feature of Durability

The most artistic effort should be applied in the base or the vase since these set the tone of the whole piece of the hookah set. The base of the glass is made from hand blown glass, which is mostly colored. Artists may decorate them by use of paint, glitter, decals, or etching. Hoses are mostly hand made.

They should be durable, however, which includes replacing the ability of the mouthpiece. For the sake of hygiene, glass bases which break should be replaced every few months, and therefore, it is essential to have access to individual parts of the hookah.

 They come in varieties and different styles. They range from basic to those covered in soft velvety fabric in lush colors, having carved and dyed wooden ends. Between the body and the tobacco bowl, the height can is often wrought gracefully with stainless steel in today’s hookahs. The container can vary in design from simple one to an ornamental one where it can be glazed or unglazed clay, metal or beautifully colored.


When looking for wholesale hookahs, it is essential to consider some accessories among them are hookah coal, screens, cleaning brushes, disposable mouthpiece, rubber stoppers, hoses, grommets, among other parts. To get the most out of the hookah experience, you must have the real thing. Some products may have attractive prices but may not be durable.

 It is therefore sensible to buy an authentic hookah and support the artisans and craftsmen who in the world dominated with machines have continued to produce the best hookahs as they should be. For more information about hookah equipment, feel free to visit;

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