Gym Brands That You Need In 2018!

Gym Brands That You Need In 2018!

With 2017 drawing to a close and the likes of Christmas and the New Year peering their heads around the corner, it is time to think about getting into shape or at the very least fitting workouts into your routine for the 2018! Changes in lifestyle requires time and the best time to do that is the new year, as cliché as it may sound.

It can be difficult to motivate yourself following the Christmas and New Year period, however, it is known purchasing gym wear can help motivate you to get yourself into the gym. With the tight fits and the tailored looks, gym wear can help you vision how you would like to look, in turn pushing you to do more. To help you get in shape for the New Year, we’ve come up with gym brands you need to look out for! 

Outdoor Voices 

Outdoor Voices continues to be a brand that grows in popularity and it has seen their brand recognised all over the world. Outdoor Voices moved away from the likes of neon mesh and tight fits, in order to design a brand that is stylish, seamless and suited to functional fitness as well as everyday movement. The brand was designed around core fabrics to help move away from the traditional, generic and boring gym styles.

One Athletic


One Athletic have muscled their way in as one of the most exciting gym wear brands. Looking into current trends, One Athletic are another gym wear brand to move away from the traditional gym wear items. With skinny to tailored fittings, the brand is endorsed by the Harrison brothers, who are known for their workout routines and fitness plans. It truly embodies comfort, style and helps you stay motivated in order to get into the shape you require, whether you purchase mens track pants, hoodies or even sleeveless hoodies. With the minimalistic, yet on-trend designs One Athletic truly have a collection available for everyone.

State Concepts From Frank & Oak 

You may have heard the of the Canadian brand Frank & Oak before, but this time around they’ve expanded into the fitness world with State Concepts. State Concepts has taken the similar approach the likes of Ralph Lauren have taken to the fitness world and brought a casual, yet stylish approach to the world of fitness. It marries style and leisure perfectly, bringing a style that is not designed to be aggressive but consistent and heavily invested in technology. Frank & Oak combine fitness, streetwear and comfort to bring something different to gyms all over the world.


Tracksmith have taken the Rocky approach to the fitness world with a classic ‘track star’ look. It is based around the old sweater and loose fabric attire, rather than the fitted styles and bright colours. No more large logos but more subtlety and traditional colours. It you want a retro take on the gym, Tracksmith are exactly what you want.


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