Hair Care Tips for For Regular Heat Exposure

Hair Care Tips for For Regular Heat Exposure

Blowdrying, straightening, curling, and waving, are just some of the most common heat styling methods that most women use on a regular basis. And this heat exposure can damage your hair. Yes, these hot tools can make your hair look stylish and well-put-together, but this can only lead to pretty serious damage. So if you need to use these methods, you have to learn how to take care of your hair.

Use the Right Hair Products

When it comes to hair care tips, you should start with what you use in the shower – shampoo and conditioner. The remaining tips below will be useless if you do not know how to properly cleanse, hydrate, and condition your hair. So before you proceed, make sure that you are using the right shampoo and conditioner that you can buy from RPR hair care. These products should be free from any harmful ingredients that can strip your hair of whatever nutrients and moisture that it has. And this can leave your hair dry and brittle. And with the heat that you are applying when styling, can completely damage your hair.

Protect Your Hair From the Heat

You should never use heat-styling gadgets without protecting your hair first. Without the heat protection products, it’s just like going out and having to bask in the heat of the sun without any sunscreen on. So invest in a good quality heat protectant. This can help shield your delicate strands and still lock the moisture before you use any heat tools.

Turn The Heat Level Down

One of the most common mistakes when ironing your hair is to turn the heat setting to high. Although the heat level of your styling tool will depend on the type of hair that you have, it is advised that you only stick to the 200- to 300-degree range, or even lower, especially if you have a thinner hair type. This goes the same with other styling tools that you are using.

Weekly Hair Mask Can Help

Many are doing a hair mask regularly, but not everyone is doing it. If you are not doing it, then this is the time to start. A deep conditioning mask will replenish your hairs’ natural moisture even after you have heat-styled your hair. This extra layer of protection can help you prevent further damage to your hair. So start switching your daily conditioner for a conditioning mask and let it soak for a while as you are showering.

Haircare regimen while heat styling is important. In fact, even if you are not regularly using hair styling tools, it is still vital that you follow the tips above. This way, you can protect your hair even from the damaging heat of the sun.

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