Helpful Tips In Buying Italian Made Shoes

Helpful Tips In Buying Italian Made Shoes

When they say “Made in Italy” it is usually synonymous with world-class quality and style. This is the reason why more and more people are now considering adding Italy-made shoes to their collection. If you are looking to buy one soon, then here are some tips to help you find the best ones even if you shop for them online.

Materials Should Be Prioritized

Leather should not be taken lightly. The very first thing that you should understand when buying Italian-made shoes is the materials that are used. You have to remember that real leather should be soft to touch and extremely breathable. To check if the leather is breathable, you can try a wet sponge test. You slightly wipe it on the shoes and if it stays wet after a few seconds, then it’s a good one. Real leather will also have natural imperfections.

Check the Label

Usually, handmade Italian shoes do not have an internal label. But you can see all the characteristics of its composition usually on the box or the pictogram. There should be a label that will provide you with the information on the materials used. The pictogram or the label should provide you with the shoe parts and materials.


Symmetry and Comfort

You have to make sure that both left and right shoes are symmetrical as well as the height of the heels. The color should be exactly the same. If you buy shoes directly from a physical store, the perk is you are able to try them on and get the feel of them. This is the problem if you buy online. That is why it is crucial that you purchase from a trusted seller to ensure the quality of the shoes when it comes to symmetry and comfort.

Stitching Should Be Inspected

You will only be able to check on this once you have received the shoes. Take the time to check the stitching from the bottom to the upper part of the shoes. They should be perfectly done including the stitch for the sole. It is best if the shoes are known for their great quality stitching to give them wear resistance over time.

Why Choose Italian Shoes?

So what makes Italian leather shoes extra special? And why are they so expensive? You have to remember that Italy has a long-standing tradition when it comes to the craftsmanship of leather goods. That is the reason why you can find so many shoemakers and shoe factories that are still in Italy. The process that goes into the creation of a perfectly made pair of Italian shoes is what makes it special.

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