Helpful Tips on How to A Choose Winter Hat

Helpful Tips on How to A Choose Winter Hat

Every winter, you strive hard to protect yourself from the harsh cold. There are many things you consider to stay warm from coats to hats and boots. This year, you have to focus on winter hats. You have to know that of all winter accessories, winter hats are mostly ignored.

Your head and ears deserve more. If you are not sure how to pick the right winter hat, here’s a guide:

Know your face shape

if it is cold, no one will question your choice of winter hat but knowing that you look good in it can make a difference. If you want to look good wearing winter hats, you have to think about your face shape. Your face shape is the key to finding the best winter hat. If you are not sure about your face type, here’s a guide:

A. Oval shape: This is characterized by a longer face with curved jawline. Recommended hats include fedora and homburg.

B. Heart shape: This is characterized by a long and pointed jawline with defined cheekbones.

C. Oblong: This is characterized by a long and narrow face. Recommended hats include the fedora, Homburg, and derby.

D. Round: This is characterized by a long and wide face. Recommended hats include a fedora, gambler, and Panama.

E. Rectangular: This is characterized by a long and wide face usually with a strong jawline. Recommended hats include fedora.

If you notice, the most versatile hat is the fedora hat. The fedora hat has a brim with a crease down the center and pinched at the front.

Choose a winter hat style

Now that you know your face shape, you can start scouting for the recommended style. As mentioned, the most versatile is fedora hat. However, there are other hats that are comfortable, stylish and flexible. There’s the beanie hat, which is the most popular knitted hat style. This is a winter staple together with the Fur Bobble Hats.  Basically, these two are the same the only difference is that the bobble hat has this distinct ball on top or pom poms.

Pick the right material

The next thing that you have to consider is the material used. During the winter, the most popular hat material is the fur. Fur hats are synonymous with glamor, style, and luxury. In other words, furs are expensive. There’s the rabbit fur, sheepskin, mink fur, beaver fur, muskrat fur, coyote fur, raccoon fur, fox fur and many more. The less expensive fur is the faux fur, which is a synthetic fur. Remember that the price will depend on the materials used.

Know your size

Hats also have sizes. Measuring size is easy – you just need to measure the circumference of your head in centimeters or inches. Get a tape measure and hold it just above your ears then measure the circumference. Make sure that you do not hold it too tight just enough for it to sit snugly.

Hopefully, with the things mentioned above, you can find the right hat in no time. There is still time to look for two more hats in preparation for winter. Happy shopping!

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