Home Made Face Solutions

Home Made Face Solutions

If you are struggling with acne, the solution might be right in your kitchen. As a sufferer of acne, I’ve experimented with many home remedies to remove excess oil and bacteria from my skin and clear up pimples. In this article, I’ll teach you some simple ways to make your face care products at home or find other people’s DIY recipes that have been helpful to me over the years. The best part is that these face care treatments and ingredients can often be found in your kitchen cabinet!

Many people struggle with acne, but few know how common it is. Acne is the number one reason why people go on a diet. It’s the top skin condition that prevents people from becoming models and even from getting a job at some companies due to its negative impact on your face.

There are three kinds of pimples: black, white, and inflamed. Blackheads form when the skin pores get clogged with oil and dead skin cells. It’s called a blackhead because it looks like the color of a ripe banana. Whiteheads are when the pore is clogged with sebum, dead skin cells, bacteria, and other debris, but the top surface of your skin is still intact, giving it a white look. Pimples are the red, inflamed sore you see on your face after scratching or squeezing one too many times.

How to choose skincare products | Be Beautiful India

Good skincare products are a must-have for preventing acne. I often use a combination of face washes and moisturizers with SPF to keep my skin clear. If you have sensitive skin, it’s essential to know that even natural ingredients can cause an allergic reaction to your skin. Thus, it would be best to try the face mask or cleanser on a small part of your body, such as your arm, before using it all over.

Washing your face with soap can be very drying to the skin and will clog up pores which in turn leads to more blackheads and whiteheads. If you are prone to acne, wash only with warm water using a soft washcloth and no soap. If you can’t give up your soap bar, try a mild organic bar with lather, such as Dr. Bronner’s Bar Soaps. That way, your skin won’t be as dry when you finish washing.

Certain ingredients like mint, lemon juice, and tea tree oil are supposed to help with acne because they help kill bacteria on your skin. Tea tree oil is an essential oil that is often recommended for acne-prone skin because it has been shown in some studies to have anti-bacterial activity. You can purchase tea tree oil at health food stores, but the amount you need is too much to keep in your bathroom cabinet, so buying a bottle at the store or online is better.

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