Hot wax v/s Cold wax: Which do you prefer?

Hot wax v/s Cold wax: Which do you prefer?

There are two types of waxing methods, based on hot and cold temperature. We take you through both, and help you choose the better suited one.

Removing body hair using wax is the usual recourse for many a busy woman. However, your busy schedule may not always leave you with the time for a waxing appointment. Lately, cold wax strips that can be used by yourself at home, are gaining a lot of popularity among many women.

A major point of difference between hot wax and cold wax strips is that while hot waxing must necessarily be done at the salon, cold wax strips can be used at home. The latter do not need an aesthetician, and you can use them in the privacy and comfort of your home, whenever you need a wax.

How to use hot wax

  • Hot wax is taken out of a tin and heated in a special implement. Once it reaches a certain temperature, it melts into a thick consistency.
  • The melted wax is then applied directly on the skin with a spatula. The aesthetician might apply powder on the skin prior to applying the hot wax.
  • A strip of cloth is then applied firmly on the layer of wax. The strip is then pulled off against the direction of hair growth. Some kinds of hot wax, like Oriental wax, do not require strips – the wax itself functions as a strip by drying and hardening on the skin. It is then pulled off and reused.
  • Though hot waxing is an accepted method of hair removal, it can cause skin drying and scalding. The wax must be heated to just the right temperature to be effective, and must not be overheated. Besides, hot wax is not suitable for sensitive skin, or skin prone to ingrown hair.

hot wax

As opposed to hot wax, cold wax strips offer many more benefits

  • Meanwhile, cold waxing strips come pre-packaged from the manufacturer. They are applied to the skin without any warming or heating, and pulled off to reveal hair-free, glowing skin.
  • Take the cold wax strip out of the box, and rub your hands on the outside of the plastic wrapper. This slightly warms up the wax and loosens it. Remove the plastic wrapper before use.
  • Apply the cold wax strip directly on the skin and rub it firmly on the skin. Now hold the grip tab and pull off the strip in one swift motion, against the direction of hair growth.
  • The advantage of using cold wax strips is that the wax is not heated, so there is no possibility of it causing burns or discomfort. Besides, one strip can be used at least thrice before it loses its stickiness – thus, cold wax strips are quite economical to use. Leading brands in India also manufacture cold wax strips to suit different skin types.
  • Once the skin is waxed, you can use the cleansing wipes provided with the box to remove any excess wax stuck to the skin. Rinse the skin with cool water, and you are good to go!

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