How Do You Choose the Drill Bit to Buy?

How Do You Choose the Drill Bit to Buy?

So how do you choose the right drill bit? For you to enjoy the best drill bit, make sure that you consider the chip clearance, the quality of the surface finish, and precise hold positions. You have to look into the basic elements of choosing a drill bit. These include coating, material, geometries, sizes, types, and specifications. When you buy drill bits in Australia, things can be done easily when you do your shopping online.

Material Composition

A drill bit is made of high-speed steel or high-speed steel with cobalt, or carbide. High-speed steel is the most basic of them all. It is also less costly. High-speed steel with cobalt performs better than high-speed steel alone. It is also more heat and wear-resistant. The most expensive of them all is carbide. It also has the longest lifespan. This also offers the best heat and chip resistance and allows for a coolant through the holes.

Geometry or Specifications

Here you have to check on the length, helix angle, drill point angle, and self-centering points. With length, you may choose between “stub” length and “jobber” length. For drill point angle, you can choose between 118°and 135° types. On the other hand, the helix angle options are 30-degree, 40-degree, and 10-degree types.

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You need a drill bit size chart as well as a tap size chart to determine the right drill bit size for the hole you want to create. This chart contains various measurement systems which include functional, wire gauge number, metric, and letter.

Drill Bit Coating

When it comes to drill-bit coating, you may choose between black oxide, titanium nitride, titanium aluminum nitride, bright finish, and titanium carbonitride. The cheapest among them is the bright finish coating. The black oxide has more lubricity and it is also resistant to oxidation. Titanium carbonitride is known for having the highest level of lubricity and also better hardness and wear resistance. Meanwhile, titanium nitride is a bright gold coating intended for metallic surfaces. It is a great option for beginners. Titanium aluminum nitride works excellently for steel and stainless steel. It is not suitable for drilling aluminum though. Remember this when you buy drill bits in Australia.


Drill bit types can be classified based on the objects they work with. You can find wood bits, masonry bits, and steel bits. There are also metal bits and SDS bits. Wood bits are meant for drilling wood workpieces while steel bits are for softwood materials and soft metal parts. For rotary hammer drills, SDS bits are used. Masonry bits are designed for concrete, plaster, stone, bricks, and others. If you are after versatility in applications, you may opt for metal bits.

Common industrial drill bits belong to two categories: twist and insert. Insert drill bits are affordable and easy to use. Twist drill bits are commonly used for drilling services.

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