How to buy Latest Smartphone from the Market

How to buy Latest Smartphone from the Market

China as well as South Korea used Smartphone technology to monitor the spread of COVID-19. This sounds something smart and easy. However, Americans are against the idea because of privacy and data protection issues.

In 2011, Cambridge University scientists developed an application to monitor the spread of flu. The app was named Flu Phone. This was a clever way to monitor and measure the spread of flue with the help of Bluetooth signals. People could interact and report the symptoms of flu by sharing this proxy like app.

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“Today, more than 75 percent people are at home. They are facing strong financial issues due to COVID-19 lockdowns worldwide. Situation in Gulf especially UAE is not different. Numerous companies have fired their employees due to worst economic situation amid lockdowns. Staying at home and using a Smartphone to monitor the spread of this virus is a brilliant idea” Sharaf DG Public Relation Manager said.

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What about Health Monitoring Agencies?

As a matter of fact, health agencies monitoring the spread of this deadly virus have several unique options. They can develop a smart map based on daily cases. The app connected with national or regional health surveys and reports can help users find more about the pandemic. With the passage of time, several websites have been developed in order to keep the users updated. This depends on the same idea.

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