How to Make Your Dolls Attractive Using Clothes, Shoes, And Accessories

How to Make Your Dolls Attractive Using Clothes, Shoes, And Accessories

Dolls play an important role in a kid’s life. Many dolls like the Australian girl dolls comes with a lot of doll accessories, doll shoes, doll clothes,etc.  Kids develop a lot of skills while playing with this kind of dolls and their accessories like grooming, dressing up, holding a spoon/knife/ comp in their hand, buttoning and unbuttoning of dress, speaking skill and much more.

The skills they develop also depends on the accessories that are bought along the dolls. These accessories include extra pairs of dresses, shoes, plastic dinner sets, hairdressers,etc. With all the accessories the child practices the day to day things of a person from waking up and brushing their teeth to putting them into bed on a doll. This practice is something which they will practice as they grow up and lead a healthy and hygienic life.

Buying a variety of girl dresses can improve the sense of creativity of the kid as they will have different clothes to dress them up. Also, the child learns that a dress should be changed once it gets dirty and one must look clean always.

A dinner set is a way of passing the time for the kid as they play with their dolls by making imaginary food and meals. Also, in the process of feeding these dolls, they develop the skills to hold everything right. A dinner set also adds to the beauty of the dolls collection.

doll clothes

Other accessories include grooming products like comp, hair bands, ties, ornaments, nail polishes and a wide variety of eyelids. The dolls can be made more attractive by trying out the all these girl accessories, tying the hair in different styles, changing dresses, applying nail colors and trying out new shoes.

With a wide range of accessories in the market, the kid would never get tired of playing with one doll for a long time. And the more accessories are present, the more the skills of a kid can be developed.

Along with buying dolls, we should make sure that the beauty of the dolls and accessories does not fade off. Here are some steps to do so.

  • Keep the dolls away from direct sunlight
  • Keep vinyl dolls away fluorescent light (incandescent lighting is preferred)
  • Don’t smoke near the dolls as they absorb both the odor and the grey dust
  • Clean the dolls in regular intervals, accumulated dust is not good for kids and will diminish the looks
  • Keep pets away as they can cause damage to the dolls, and a damaged doll can be a very sad experience for the kids
  • Keep dolls from acidic substances
  • Don’t store dolls in airtight containers
  • Don’t keep dolls near extremely cold or hot materials.

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