How To Protect The Skin From Germs And Breakdown?

How To Protect The Skin From Germs And Breakdown?

With vast beauty and skincare products, which brand do you think is the best and safest one? Of course, you would choose the most convenient, accessible, and affordable. The most important aspect is the safety fact of the product that keeps the skin healthy and smooth. Microbiome skincare products contain an army of microbes to stay alive, which protects the skin against germs, releases energy, and produces vitamins.

Cleansing balm

Finally, a revolutionary balm formula has replenished fermented oils and actives, lifting and melting away dirt, makeup, and pollution. It means that the cleansing balm is perfectly formulated without stripping the skin. The potent antioxidant complex working to support skin vitality and cell defense, the honey-textured balm will remove all impurities from the delicate eye area and face without irritating, drying, or compromising the microbiome or skin barrier.

The future ferments alga and micro-algae will act as nutrient-rich superfoods, delivering broad-spectrum prebiotic effects, leaving the skin restored to its healthy and glowing best. Here are the three magical benefits of the cleansing balm for your skin:

  1. Purifying
  2. Soothing
  3. Rebalancing


Microbiome skincare products

Microbiome serum has three magical effects on the skin, namely:

  • Hydrates
  • Smoothes
  • Strengthens

The turbocharged serum transforms the skin’s appearance and health using cutting-edge fermented actives. The serum is not like any other brands of serums out there. The weightless effect and silky texture absorb the skin instantly. Thus, you will never feel the heaviness of the serum when applied to the skin.

The new-era actives relaunch the skin’s natural power of renewal and self-regulation. The serum has skin hydration benefits from the prebiotic Inulin and fermented hyaluronic acid, which hydrates and fortifies the skin barrier while the antioxidant complex delivers potent cellular defense. The skin is protected and strengthened to keep it healthy and ageless.

Yes, it is a good skincare product to keep the skin from possible wrinkles and fine lines. So, there is no need to spend on that expensive derma or any cosmetic injectables. Microbiome serum can be enough.


The clarifying radiance mask gives instant brightness to the face without compromising the microbiome and skin barrier. The mask can transform the texture of your facials. The jelly-like texture of the mask is infused with hydrating and exfoliating future ferments that can speed up the renewal of the skin, including:

  • Boosts skin clarity
  • Leaves complexion glowing and radiant

All these will not compromise the skin. These are the benefits of using this mask:

  • Exfoliate
  • Clarify
  • Brighten

So, if you have a dark facial skin tone, why not use this mask, helps to brighten the skin and have that beautiful and confident smile.

All these are microbiome skincare products that you can use. However, there are more of them, such as cream, vitality cleansing milk, and face oil.

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