How to select the perfect pair of earrings?

How to select the perfect pair of earrings?

Earrings are a very important part of any woman’s collection of accessories. They complete the look which a woman is going for. Earrings thus are an important part of every outfit, and more important than that is selecting the perfect pair of earrings for your outfit.

The wrong earrings can make the outfit and the entire look, seem sloppy, which, is something no one wants. The risk of buying the wrong kind is especially high when you shop online for them.

How to select the perfect pair of earrings?

If you have troubles understanding what kind of earrings would go with your outfit to make the complete look even more fabulous, follow these tips to help you out:

  • Face Shape: The face of one’s shape is one of the main determinants of which earring one should go for. For example, if one has a square shaped face, wearing square earrings is not recommended. An oval face shape supports all shapes of earrings, and so on.
  • Occasion: Like every outfit you wear, your jewellery must also be in accordance with the occasion for which it is being worn. A party wear pair of earrings would not look good in a formal environment and vice versa. The earring collection one has must have a few elements that match each kind of occasion. A few simple formal pieces, a few wedding wear pieces, a few casual ones and some party ones.

  • Attire: What dress one wears is another very relevant factor while selecting the best kind of earrings to go with it. Indian attire goes best with jhumkas or another earring that have a traditional vibe to them. Western attire goes best with simpler designs, depending ultimately on occasion.
  • Color Schemes: What kind of earrings one wear or buys must be in consonance with the colour of the outfits one is buying those earrings for. Having a completely matching pair of earrings is not recommended. If one is wearing an Indian outfit for example and jhumkas with it, the jhumka must be of classic colours like silver or oxidized silver or gold maybe. If one wears a colourful jhumka, it must be kept in mind that the colour is not overpowering the earring but is just slightly present there.

In some outfits, a contrasting colour of earrings looks good while some other require at least some level of colour match. Try a few different ones before finalizing one.

  • Classics: Classics are so named because they have been working out for people for a very long time and are still beautiful as ever. They don’t go out of style, and you cannot go wrong with them. For every woman, owning a few pairs of classic designs for earrings is a must. Whether the small ones that, go for formal occasions or big party/ wedding ones. If at any point you are facing a dilemma as to which pair looks the best, go with the classic pair.
  • Face Shades: Your skin tone also plays a role in selecting your perfect earrings. If your skin is of a darker tone, gold, and copper shades are the best for you. Whereas if you have a pinkish and fair skin tone, silver shades are a better match for your skin tone.
  • Size: Wearing super huge or long earrings is a no! Jewellery must be an accessory and should not be such that takes all the attention. Super chunky jewellery runs the risk of looking tacky, which nobody wants.

These tips are especially helpful if you shop online and are buying them solely on the basis of the pictures and description provided.

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